YouTube Premium function to download videos or music does not work


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Since Google acquired YouTube many years ago, the world’s most popular video platform has been constantly adding new features and changes.

Some of YouTube’s major changes relate to the monetization system. For example, YouTube has derived additional services such as YouTube TV and YouTube Music.

In addition, there is also “YouTube Premium” (formerly “YouTube Red”) as a monthly subscription service. This allows paying users of the platform to enjoy videos and music without ads (and more perks).

One of the best features of YouTube Premium is the ability to download videos for offline consumption. Premium subscribers can also do the same with music using the YouTube Music app.

Recently, however, the ability to download videos or music does not work properly for many YouTube Premium users.

YouTube Premium “Download Videos” is not available for some

Some YouTube Premium users are currently unable to download videos to their devices for offline viewing.

According to reports, the problem can cause the “Download” button to disappear or the download to become permanently stuck from the start.


Youtube Premium, downloading videos never starts

We have a YouTube Premium account and are trying to download a video. The layer shows the download button, I can actually choose what quality I want…

The video is displayed in the download area, but the system keeps saying “waiting for download” – “waiting for download”.

No download button to download videos

I currently have YouTube Premium so I can download videos, but the download button doesn’t appear.

YouTube Premium ‘Music Download’ doesn’t work for some either

The issue also reportedly affects downloading songs through the YouTube Music app. Like YouTube app and website, YouTube Music allows you to cache songs for offline listening.

In some cases, the YouTube Music app seems to start downloading the songs, but they are never saved to the device’s internal storage.

Meanwhile, in other cases, YouTube doesn’t recognize that the user has a “Premium” subscription, so the download never starts.


Cannot download music to SD card even though all settings are enabled

I have YouTube Music Premium. I can’t download music to my SD card. When I select a song and click download, it doesn’t download to the SD card. YouTube Music shows I downloaded the song but it never makes it to the SD card.

Songs cannot be downloaded on YouTube Premium

Hello can someone help me? 🙂

1. How to log out of Google account if needed? I do not see it.
2. I canceled my Premium subscription on YouTube, but the next day I started it again.

But now I can’t download new songs and can’t play old downloaded songs!

There is still no official confirmation of the issue from the YouTube team or a workaround to solve or mitigate the issue. But we will update this story as events develop.

Update 1 (11/03/2022)

12:18 p.m. (ACTUAL): One of our readers seems to have fixed the issue on Android where YouTube Premium’s “Download Videos or Music” feature isn’t working using the following steps:

1) Recreate the downloaded playlist using another device (computer). While the files may be missing from your phone/tablet, the names are still there, making it easier. So I named my new playlist – Downloaded. Check if Youtube (mobile app) on your device sees the songs and they are playable.

** The next step will delete all previously downloaded YouTube music/videos. Since they aren’t available, this shouldn’t be a problem and you’ve done a “backup” as per step 1. **

2) On the device you cannot download to. Go to Settings, Apps, then YouTube Music. Go to storage. Select “Clear Cache” and then “Clear Data”.
This is essentially the Andriod equivalent of uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

3) Open the YouTube music. Locate the playlist you created in Step 1 (ie – Downloaded).

4) Above the Play button for the playlist Press the 3 dots and select Download. YouTube Music will now download all the music in that playlist.

5) Enjoy the music offline. If you want to test if everything downloaded successfully, put your device in airplane mode and try to play something.

This worked for me.

Thanks for the tip: Jason Kasewieter!

A NOTICE: You can also check YouTube tracker for bugs/problems.

Featured image: YouTube Premium

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