Wyoming Game and Fish is taking the next steps in planning the long-term management of elk feeding grounds



CASPER, Wyoming – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced Monday that it is moving forward in the second phase of efforts to establish a long-term plan for managing winter elk feeding grounds in the state.

“Through this process, we want stakeholders to be no longer just for or against elk feeders,” said Scott Edberg, deputy head of the Wildlife and Elk Feeder Steering Team for Game and Fish. “We want to participate in discussions that work together to find creative ways to manage moose in northwest Wyoming.”

“Game and fish must treat moose in such a way that the transmission of diseases to cattle and between moose and other wild animals is reduced. Game and Fish’s other key goals include reducing damage to private property, maintaining publicly supported moose population goals and hunting opportunities, and managing moose competition with other species such as mule deer in critical winter quarters. ”

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The department plans to hold weekly meetings on feeding grounds-related issues starting this month in order to meet the goal of submitting a first draft of a feeding grounds management plan for public review in June 2022.

“Revisions to the draft plan will be based on feedback from the public and stakeholders,” said Game and Fish. “Ultimately, the plan is to submit the long-term management plan for moose feed grounds to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission for approval in the spring of 2023.”

The entire process began in autumn 2020.

“In Phase I, the public presentations focused on the ‘why’ for game and fish feeding grounds,” said Edberg. “Phase II is aimed at engaging the various interest groups in the area of ​​elk feed management more intensively.”

The second phase began this summer with a series of Game and Fish public meetings across the state. The aim of these meetings was to involve citizens in the process as stakeholders.

“Stakeholders include agriculture / landowners, government / elected officials, athletes, non-governmental organizations, hunting outfitters and guides, the general public and academics,” Game and Fish said. “You can find a list of the stakeholders and their associated focus groups on the website Elk Feedgrounds – A challenge we can take on on.”

After the meetings this fall, Game and Fish will hold in-depth meetings in February 2022, “with the opportunity for everyone involved to give Game and Fish their feedback”.

“In their stakeholder focus groups, participants are asked to share perspectives, concerns and creative ideas in an open and respectful manner with members of the department’s elk feeding control team for use in developing the long-term elk feeding plan,” said the Department.

The department offers more information about their elk feeding places – a challenge that we can take up on the website.


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