Why Hacks’ Deborah Won’t Fire Ava in Season 2


The following contains spoilers for Hack’s Season 2 Episode 3, “Trust the Process,” which premiered Thursday, May 19 on HBO Max.

Following the Chop At the season two premiere, Deborah and Ava left Las Vegas to tour for Deborah’s comedy tour. The tour isn’t without its bumps, however, as Ava confessed she sent the producers of a revealing email about Deborah bitch PM. After initially getting angry at her assistant and throwing crystals at her, Deborah then told Ava that she was ready to move on… before revealing that she would sue Ava.

Deborah has consistently punished Ava, whether it’s by throwing her kombucha out the window or by making her sleep in a bunk bed that resembles a coffin. When Damien asks why Deborah is being so villainous, Ava tells him about the email. Damien expresses his surprise that Deborah didn’t fire Ava and tells her that Deborah loves firing people. So why doesn’t Deborah just fire Ava after being so hurt by Ava’s email?

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Chop Season 2 Episode 3, “Trust the Process” seems to provide an answer to this question. Ava suggests to Damien that Deborah didn’t fire her because she needs her for the tour. Ava is good at writing jokes, and she and Deborah share a similar sense of humor. With Deborah trying out a new stand-up routine that involves her getting vulnerable and sharing stories about her life, Ava is the best person to write for her. However, Deborah’s reason for keeping Ava with her goes beyond the need for her jokes. As revealed in “Trust the Process,” Deborah loves Ava.

Ava is upset when she finds out that tour manager Weed accidentally dumped her father’s ashes. Weed wants to continue to the next stop, but Deborah decides to return to each of the possible dumpsters that the ashes might be in. At the last stop, Deborah even climbs into the dumpster with Ava and finds the tennis ball container full of ashes. The next day, she goes to the Grand Canyon with Ava to scatter some of the ashes.

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It might seem odd that Deborah would do all of this for Ava when she’s so mad at her, but for Deborah’s character, it makes perfect sense. Deborah will probably never fire Ava no matter how broken their relationship gets because they need each other. They are two lonely people who somehow get along and work well together. Chop focuses on Deborah and Ava’s strained friendship in contrast to that of HBO Max And just like that…who had to work around the problem.

Deborah and Ava still have a lot of things to work out – the most obvious being the lawsuit. It is also not clear whether the manufacturers of bitch PM have agreed not to use the material in Ava’s email. If the show uses the email as source material, Deborah Ava will likely turn on again. For now, though, they seem to have agreed on some sort of truce, and that’s why Ava still has her job.

New episodes of Hacks are available every Thursday on HBO Max.

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