Who plays the members of 4*Town in Turning Red?


Meet 4*Town, Pixar’s first-ever animated boy band.

The group of five will make their debut in Disney and Pixar’s coming-of-age comedy set in the 2000s To redden, coming March 11 exclusively on Disney Plus. Fans are already talking about the A-list talent starring in the film, as well as the belongings of being a fan of a young boy band.

Inspired by groups like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, as well as K-pop boy bands, 4*Town’s music was created by brother-sister duo Billie Eilish and Finneas. (The latter even addresses one of the band members!)

The group of five’s Y2K nostalgic single “Nobody Like U” is included in the film, and there’s even a music video for the track, which features their animated characters on magazine covers alongside the film’s star: the tween-turned red panda himself , Mei!

Fans can even download 4*Town virtual concert tickets, GIFs and wallpapers about her official sitebecause what boy band doesn’t have their own (digital) merch?

Listen to 4*Town’s “Nobody Like U”:

Learn more about the members of 4*Town below and find out who provides the voice behind each boybander.

RobaireJordan Fisher

Disney/Pixar/Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Disney/Pixar/Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Toronto native Robaire is the band’s dreamy leader. According to his official biography, he sings, dances and plans a successful solo career for the future. The character is voiced by actor and multi-hyphenated Jordan Fisher.

Fisher is a musician, actor, dancer, singer, and Broadway graduate. He previously worked with Disney on various projects including the Fireworks theme song “Happily ever after.” He appeared To all the boys: PS I still love you and work it. In 2019 he played Mark on Fox Rent: housing.

“When you’re not hearing 4*Town sing, you’re hearing a score that’s so dynamic and so Asian-inspired that really fits this piece,” Fisher enthused about the role What’s on at Disney Plus. “Everything about it feels like something that’s been missing for a really long time. For us it is just a dream to be a part of it.”

Tae Young (Grayson Villanueva)

Disney/Pixar/Alberto E Rodriguez, Getty Images

Disney/Pixar/Alberto E Rodriguez, Getty Images

The adorable Tae Young is an avid animal lover and the youngest member of the group, dedicating his free time to wildlife rehabilitation. He is voiced by Grayson Villanueva.

Villanueva is an actor, singer, editor, beatboxer and vocal arranger. The only other film or television project they appeared in was an episode of modern family back in 2017.

Aaron Z (Josh Levi)

Disney/Pixar/Alberto E Rodriguez, Getty Images

Disney/Pixar/Alberto E Rodriguez, Getty Images

Aaron Z. is described as stoic and shy. He is the group’s athlete and 4*Town’s best dancer and choreographer. He is voiced by Josh Levi.

Levi is an actor, singer and dancer from Houston, Texas. He was a finalist in Season 3 of The x factor and founded the group Citizen Four. friday night lights Fans may recognize him as Darius Merriweather.

Aaron T. (Topher Ngo)

Disney/Pixar/Alberto E Rodriguez, Getty Images

Disney/Pixar/Alberto E Rodriguez, Getty Images

Aaron T. is the group’s fast-talking comedian and acrobat. He is responsible for relieving tension between members when the streets get rough. He is voiced by Topher Ngo.

The rising voice talent often shares song covers on YouTube.

“Knowing this film makes me feel connected to Mei [the main character]’ said Ngo Stage rights secrets about his role in To redden. “Me and the mess of growing up but also a desire to honor my culture and heritage and my family but also to be wild and have fun.”

Jesse (Finneas O’Connell)

Disney/Pixar/Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Disney/Pixar/Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Jesse is the oldest member of the band and went to art school to get a degree in ceramics before the band made it big. When the fight for fame gets too tough, he takes to the potter’s wheel and spends time with his two children. He is voiced by Finneas O’Connell, also known as FINNEAS.

FINNEAS is known for co-writing and producing his sister Billie Eilish’s music, as well as touring with her as a member of her band. He is also a successful pop artist himself and has worked with the likes of Ringo Starr, Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez and Halsey.

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