Where is Georgia Rankin now?


Many British social media enthusiasts know Georgia Rankin for her short stature and influencer status on YouTube. The 23 year old’s personality, positivity and charisma made her starring 30 inches and 18. rotate, a TLC documentary series that tracks their everyday lives and struggles.

Not that many people suffering from short stature get the attention and hype Georgia gets, but it has more to offer than what appears at first glance. She struggles with pain every day due to her physical condition, but she turns to social media and her fans to process it.

Who is Georgia Rankin?

Makeup artist Georgia Rankin in 2021 | Georgia Rankin via Youtube

The English beauty and makeup vlogger has made a name for herself with her YouTube channel. Rankin shares valuable tutorials and beauty tips that many social media fans love. She is a real YouTuber with more than 700,000 followers, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Nonetheless, she has built a sizeable fan base through her reality TV series 30 inches and 18. rotatethat aired on TLC. Known to her fans as the “G” Rankin is a popular star on the TV series where she shares her daily experiences. While her fans know her for her beauty, makeup, and fashionable brilliance, the is 30 inches and 18. rotate star struggles with the pain caused by her short stature and dedication to finding medical treatment.

Rankin was born a normal baby. But shortly afterwards, her parents noticed something unusual. At first, medical professionals thought it was tufting enteropathy, a serious bowel disease. Upon thorough examination, they discovered that she had a rare disease called skeletal dysplasia.

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30 inches and 18. rotate premiered on television when Rankin was in the final years of his teenage years. Rankin was born in Cheshire, UK and was named the UK’s Littlest Influencer in early 2019 as she is only 2 feet 7 inches tall. But it’s her passion for makeup and her strong social media presence that draws over 700,000 followers to her YouTube channel.

After watching some of her favorite beauty and fashion stars flaunt and share their beauty tips on social media, Rankin decided to give it a try. In 2014 she uploaded her first YouTube video. The beauty vlogger revealed she felt a burst of confidence as her following began to grow. According to Distractify, Rankin said, “YouTube provided a means of escape” from the pain and stigma caused by her condition.

An influencer will, of course, attract a lot of cosmetics, fashion, and makeup brands. Rankin has reviewed numerous products from well-known companies. However, she is concerned that the industry is ignoring her. In fact, she’s never invited a company to beauty events – something she sees as a lack of diversity in the industry.

What about Georgia Rankin’s love life?

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Despite all the TV glamor and celebrity status, Rankin keeps her love life under wraps on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. The English vlogger may be single, but that doesn’t seem to matter much as fans love and root her.

Rankin was born in July and is a Cancer ruled by the lunar planet. It’s easier to guess their dating compatibility based on their zodiac sign. Usually, Cancer is romantically attracted to Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces. Cancer signs are generally sensitive and only share a relationship with someone who can guarantee emotional security.

Is your zodiac sign romantically compatible with a Cancer? Who knows, you might be Georgia’s next partner.

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