Where is ‘AGT’s First Golden Buzzer Act Dustin’s Dojo’ Now?



America’s Got Talent introduced the Golden Buzzer in Season 9 and Dustin’s Dojo was the first act to receive it. Friends Dustin and Terry went straight to the next round but got no further. However, they continued their karate act years later.

Dustin’s Dojo gets the first golden “AGT” buzzer

When it was first introduced, the Golden Buzzer sent an act straight to the next round without considering the votes of the other judges. It was later changed to send an act straight to the live shows. In 2014, Howard Stern hit his Golden Buzzer for karate act Dustin’s Dojo.

Dustin, whose full name is Dustin Britton, introduced himself as a “karate expert”. Judge Heidi Klum wondered why he keeps looking over his shoulder and replied: “You never know when an attacker is coming, so you always have to be on your guard.”

It quickly became clear that this act was not meant to be taken seriously. Klum and fellow judge Mel B buzzed almost immediately as Dustin broke boards held by his assistant Terry. The performance ended with Terry throwing salt in Dustin’s eyes.

The judges were divided about the act, with Stern and Howie Mandel finding it hilarious. Stern said Dustin’s dojo is “in the tradition of the Three Stooges.” He broke the judges’ tie by hitting the Golden Buzzer for the first time on the show.


What did Dustin and Terry do after the show?

Dustin’s Dojo returned for Judgment Week but they were not selected for the next round. Later that same year, they released an hour-long film entitled Dustin’s Dojo: The Movie. Three years later, in 2017, they released a longer film called Dustin’s dojo road trip.

Dustin and Terry have over 45,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel where they have uploaded a variety of videos. The clips include karate moves, cooking tutorials and everyday sketches. The last video uploaded on the channel is a 2020 Christmas special.

In October, the duo teased on social media that they were releasing a “master class” on YouTube, but that video isn’t on their channel. They haven’t updated Facebook or Instagram since then. While we wait for her next project, there are plenty of Dustin dojo videos on YouTube.

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