What did you use to make your desk a nicer place?


With all the time we spend at our desks – not just playing and working, but also chatting with friends, watching videos and hopefully taking care of our ergonomics – it can’t hurt to find a new accessory, a toy or another pleasant one Doodad to indulge in every now and then. Just as we want a comfortable bed for all of the sleeping that we do in our life, we want a comfortable environment around our desks.

Sure, we have our PCs, our monitors, our headsets, and our mice and microphones, but did you add anything that makes your desk a more comfortable place to hang out? This is our question this week: What did you use to make your desk look more beautiful?

We have answers from the PC Gamer team below, and we’d love to hear yours in the comments too.

A coffee warmer

Mr. Coffee coffee warmer

(Photo credit: Mr. Coffee)

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor: I cannot emphasize enough that I am not kidding when I say this that silly, very cheap coffee warmer changed my desk life. A friend got me a year ago and I replaced it with an identical one after years of cups finally scratched too much of the heating pad coating. I drink three cups of coffee every morning, but very, very slowly. I would go downstairs to my microwave several times a day when I inevitably accidentally let a cup get cold. Never again.

A monitor stand

Evan Lahti, Global Editor-in-Chief: Apparently this thing costs $ 60, huh, but that Fellowes monitor stand snatched from our offices eons ago remains of great help. It’s just nice to have a second level on your desk, another level to sit on and below. I put a speaker over it that I use for general audio playback when I’m not playing a game a headset deserves. And the drawer is a safe for everything you need: stamps, batteries, chapstick, USB sticks, knives.

A wireless mouse

Tim Clark, Brand Director: As for the actual computer stuff, Wes introduced me to the joys of a wireless mouse a few years ago, and I’ve been using one from Logitech ever since. It’s a bit like switching from a stick stick to an automatic – your past life suddenly feels absurdly primitive. Everything just makes more sense. As for desk hairstyles, my middle sister bought one for me Plasma balls a couple of birthdays ago, and although I don’t have it that often, it makes me happy every time I do it.

A fake cat

(Photo credit: future)

Graeme Meredith, video editor: There’s a fake cat in the office. I used it to make my desk look more beautiful.

Microfiber fabric

Tyler Wilde, Editor-in-Chief: My last pair of glasses came with one oversized microfiber cleaning cloth and it’s my favorite desk now. Stains on your glasses suck (if you don’t wear glasses, imagine looking at your monitor through photographic evidence of ghosts) and regular cleaning wipes will feel like dolls’ accessories if you used an appropriate size. No more twirling a tiny square of fabric, moving the stain in a circle, and then accidentally touching the lens while trying to find a cleaner piece of fabric. Now I can cover my whole hand in microfiber and become something more than just human. If the stains start to win against even Large Cloth, I wash and let it dry, clean my glasses with warm water and Dawn dish soap, and then use the large surface of the washed cloth to dry them. I will never go back to Small Cloth-Oafishness.

A brand new desk

Natalie Clayton, feature film producer: Is it boring to say “a better desk”? When Scotland received a second ban and I was forced to stop using my co-working space in Leith, I was crammed into a plate-sized desk in the living room. Keyboard is hanging on one end, monitor is on the other, with a slight wobble to make the whole thing particularly precarious. It took a minute, but I ended up replacing it with a completely nondescript Ikea desk last month – and aside from the instant thrill of feeling like a DIY expert, it was the little touch I needed to make this room feel like it was feels less like a guest room and more like a real office.

Just kidding, my real answer is this stupid 3D printed Apex Legends gravity lift I dropped out of Etsy.

Books. Somehow.

(Photo credit: future)

John Strike, Art Editor: I am currently working on a temporary desk that is a few inches too short. The books I used to prop it up include:

The Expectant Father’s Survival Guide: A Comprehensive Knowledge for New Fathers That Was Also Used as a Coaster.

Pompeii: The Erotic Secrets: An Inexplicable Christmas Present From My Parents That Showcased Some Of The Best Pornography Of Ancient Rome.

No One Home: The tenth book in Tim Weaver’s David Raker crime series. Fascinating Fact: Tim Weaver used to be my manager and editor of Xbox World Magazine.

The Every Day Chicken Cookbook: From Chickens Who Desire Change To A Life On The Floor Doomed.

A little fan

Christopher Livingston, Features Producer: this small compartment with fabric paddles. It’s relatively quiet, makes for a nice breeze provided you’re pretty close (and since it’s on your desk you’re pretty close), and it doesn’t have a grill like most fans, so it never really gets dusty or dirty. The fabric paddles allow you to stick your hand right in and it won’t hurt (my stupid cat loves to wipe and even try to bite the spinning blades with his stupid cat’s foot). I like it so much that I bought a second one for the side table in our living room.

Fraser Brown

(Photo credit: future)

A bottle

Fraser Brown, Online Editor: This morning, like most mornings, I drank some Irn Bru. Does the empty bottle make my desk more beautiful? Who can say that? But my thirst is quenched, and that’s nice.


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