We’re obsessed with the ’90s half-up bun going viral right now – this is how you can try the nostalgic hair trend


We’re always on the lookout for new hairstyles to try, and TikTok is quickly becoming the best destination for discovering new funky hairstyles to experiment with. With fashion inspo, beauty hacks, and hair tutorials, TikTok really is a one-stop shop these days. Finding new hairstyles that are achievable at home just got so much easier with the help of social media, and we just came across the perfect updo to achieve 90s authenticity.

While we love TikTok, we’ll often try the hairstyle ourselves and break it up if we can’t achieve it as effortlessly as the social media pro – after all, you are most likely a gen-zer who grew up with YouTube tutorials, right?

But when we came across this super cute and most of all easy to create, 90s style hairstyle, we were so excited because it goes with all of our Y2K dresses and 90s fits.

The 90s butterfly – Dua Lipa’s most popular Y2K fashion trend – is sure to flutter into your wardrobe this season

Kait Nicole went to TikTok in late August to show off a super easy everyday hairstyle and said, “Okay, but I really love these buns right now.” Katie, who regularly shares videos teaching her viewers how to achieve super cute hair looks, has over a million followers on the video sharing site.

With nearly 12,000 likes, Kait’s viewers were so happy that she shared this simple style with them. One viewer said, “Omg, thank you very much, I was trying to find cute, half up, half down space buns and I finally found a style for my hair. Thank you.”

Here’s how Kait did it:

  • With her hair down and parted in the middle, she brushed her hair before parting the front / bangs and then parting a square section.
  • Then she braided the section back so there were no bumps – left piece of hair over right piece.
  • Kait then parted off another square section before tying the three strands of hair into a mini ponytail that she pulled halfway through, creating a “mushroom bun” leaving out the end of the ponytail and a small section / bang at the front.
  • She then repeated on the other side to create the funniest, nostalgic hairstyle … ever !?

Grab a comb, grab some bobbles, and let’s go back to the 90s.


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