Weekly Cheers: takeaway life hacks and cute creatures as Auckland Level 3 awaits


With Aucklanders fearing for a drop in lockdown levels, it’s time for some cheerful distractions while we wait for the next announcement.

Bianka Atlas and René Burton’s cat Kedi got their pilot’s license during warning level four.
Photo: Delivered

We ended the week with 44 new cases in Tamaki Makarau reported over the weekend with a call to New Zealanders to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Tomorrow at 4 p.m. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce whether Auckland will move to Level 3.

In the meantime, social media users have survived the fourth week of warning level four.

We’ll start with a useful “life hack” for those of us who miss takeaways.

And another tip from us – getting a roast chicken from the supermarket also feels like takeaways. Somehow.

With online shopping the only option for Aucklanders, writer Chloe Lane was a little too excited about a bag of trash.

Beloved broadcaster Hilary Barry kept her formal Friday lockdown trend going with this interesting post.

Robert Smith from RNZ summed up the lockdown mood with the help of his daughter.

And during this time of trial, there is nothing like a few funny animals to cheer us up.

Bianka Atlas and the devoted cat father René Burton sent us some pictures of their beautiful cat Kedi. Kedi used her time most productively during this level 4 lockdown … and got her pilot’s license !! She is now working on extending her flying hours.

The cat Kedi got her pilot's license.

The cat Kedi got her pilot’s license.
Photo: Delivered

Here are more of our favorite animals from the past week.

RNZ’s live blog will be back tomorrow – visit us in the morning for the latest Covid-19 updates and announcements.


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