Weed Killer Hacks: Can you use vinegar and baking soda to kill weeds? fact checked


With the arrival of the warmer spring days, a profusion of beautiful blooms arrives in the garden. However, with new flowers comes the risk of weeds appearing unexpectedly around your outdoor space.

How to kill weeds with vinegar

White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both recommended as natural ways to stop weeds, as the acetic acid dehydrates the weeds.

Vinegar is best used as a weed killer in the early spring months, according to SF Gate.

When using vinegar, it’s best to try to only douse the specific weeds with vinegar and avoid hitting other flowers or plants.

Combine 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water in a spray bottle.

Then squirt the solution onto the small stalks two or three times.

For flowering weeds, be sure to spray the center of the flowers as well as the rest of the weed’s leaves.

If it rains after the treatment, you may need to repeat the process.

Weeds cannot survive in a salt flood.

However, when using this hack, it is important to try to cover only the specific weed.

Any other plants that absorb baking soda may feel the effects as well.

The best way to do this is to apply a teaspoon of baking soda per cannabis plant.

Make sure to coat all of the weeds, including their leaves, with an emphasis on covering the weed’s stem.

When your weeds appear on driveways and between flagstones on your patio, try sweeping the powder into the cracks.


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