Webtoon introduces beautiful art for the print edition of True Beauty


WEBTOON Unscrolled reveals the cover and first five pages of the upcoming print edition of the popular rom-com True Beauty.

WEBTOON Unscrolled revealed a first look at the cover artwork for True beauty‘s upcoming graphic novel adaptation of the hit webcomic.

The new graphic novel imprint was founded to bring the most popular webtoon titles to fans everywhere in a physical format. As one of the most popular webtoon series of all time with over 5 billion reads on the digital platform, True beauty is one of the first of several planned series to receive a graphic novel adaptation. Created by South Korean comic artist Yaongyi, True beauty tells a compelling story of romance and self-discovery through beautiful artwork, reflected in the new graphic novel cover. Along with the cover reveal, WEBTOON provided CBR with the first five pages of True beauty‘s print adaptation.

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Webtoon describes the story of True Beauty as follows:

Jugyeong Lim was treated unfairly by her family and harassed by her enemies because she was perceived as ugly. She learns how to use makeup by watching YouTube tutorials. As she slowly masters the art of makeover, her dramatic transformation leads to her overwhelming popularity and notoriety. Armed with her newfound beauty, Jugyeong finds herself in a love triangle with two of the prettiest boys in school: Suho, the stoic mysterious man who knows her secret, and Seojun, the “bad boy”. But will their elite status be short-lived? How long can she keep her real appearance a secret? Living in a society where people are judged by their physical appearance, Jugyeong navigates both high school and college life while her self-esteem, romantic life, and career are in constant flux.

True beautyThe series’ upcoming graphic novel isn’t the first high-profile adaptation of the series to another form of media. The love series received a popular live-action K-drama adaptation in 2020. The 16-episode drama starred Moon Ga-young as Jugyeong and Cha Eun-woo as Suho. There is also a feature film based on it True beauty currently under development, more details are expected at a later date.

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The hit love series won’t be the only WEBTOON title to receive a physical release from the WEBTOON Unscrolled imprint. The imprint aims to release 12 WEBTOON titles per year to make their content more accessible to readers consuming content in various formats. Fans can expect some of their favorite titles to hit physical bookshelves, such as: God’s tower by Sui and Cursed Princesses Club by LambCat.

release dates for True beauty and other upcoming webtoon graphic novel adaptations published by WEBTOON Unscrolled will be announced at a later date.

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