Virgo to Leo: 5 worst zodiac signs you could ever meet


Be it bringing you bad news or letting you know your mistake in the worst possible way, there are some people who are tough on our faces and seem like the worst people we could ever meet. While some do it to make us a better version of ourselves, others do it to get that sadistic pleasure. No matter what their intentions, these people get too tough to deal with at times.

So if you’re wondering what makes them so bad about a person, astrology could play a role in this.

Here are the 5 worst zodiac signs according to astrology.


Virgos are rude and worst of all. Your straightforwardness can sometimes leave you devastated. They won’t hesitate to stab into the ambush or get revenge on you. Do them bad once and you will be at the end of their anger for life. Even if you haven’t done anything to them, their envy can lead them to do nasty things that you can never imagine yourself doing. So, when you are with a Virgo, it is better not to divulge all of your secrets and weaknesses because who knows when you can earn them as an enemy and what all they can use against you when and when the time comes.

Virgo zodiac sign


A Scorpio is like a nightmare for many. He or she is strong in the head and once they have decided to destroy you there is no escape. From kneeling down to apologizing; A Scorpio can make you do anything they want. They are brave, but in ways that you will regret meeting them and, if possible, remove them from your life.

Scorpio zodiac sign


A fish can be your enemy for life. He or she can be so angry at times that they won’t let you escape. They are often filled with negative feelings. Jealousy, anger, aggression, and violence are their worst personality traits. They can be big liars for their own safety or, more specifically, for profit. They crave revenge and are a chest full of deceit and betrayal. Never expect loyalty from a Pisces, and even if they do, prepare for heartbreak and disappointment.

star signs fish


These otherwise quiet people are the worst liars and heartbreakers. Your malice can make you shudder at times. If they like you, you are safe. If not, make up your mind to see their dirty side and be ready to see how deep they can go when it comes to revenge. They’re worst when it comes to anger and selfishness.

Zodiac sign aries


Leos will make you regret the day you met them if and when you see their worst side. They have no filters and that can get you discouraged. While you might expect a little empathy from them, they will make you regret your expectations in the first place. Mostly because they want to teach you a lesson that will stay with you for a lifetime and to make sure you never repeat the same mistakes again.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, they primarily focus on your zodiac qualities; All of the above doesn’t necessarily have to apply to you.

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