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As in many other games, there is also the possibility of fast travel in the survival MMO Conan Exiles in order not to have to walk from one place to another for hours. However, this is not available from the start.

It can be extremely nerve-wracking when you’re really keen on the next quest, but have to walk straight for minutes to reach your desired goal. In most games there is always a way to teleport back and forth within the world. Fast travel is also available in Conan Exiles. In our guide, we show you how to unlock the feature.

Unlock fast travel in Conan Exiles

Fast travel is not available at the beginning of the game in Conan Exiles. To teleport from A to B, you need the Cartographer skill. You can learn this skill from the Archivist in the Nameless City. The way there is not easy.

For one, corruption will plague you as soon as you enter the city. Secondly, you will be immediately pursued by a variety of enemies. Just walk past everything and straight to the library, in the very north of the city. The location is shown on the map.

conan-exiles-archivar - Guided
Speak to the Archivist to learn the Cartographer skill.

Enter the library and find the Archivist inside. You’ll find him deep inside the building in the form of a large ghostly figure hovering behind a giant map. Talk to him to learn the Cartographer skill. You can now find the ability in your talents under the “Decoration” category.

Once you’ve learned the Cartographer skill, you can return to your base to set up the map space you need for fast travel. However, the map room requires some work and resources:

  • 25 x Iron Reinforcement
  • 50x crystal
  • 75 x Alchemical Base (1 x Alchemical Base = 2 x Silver Dust, 1 x Gold Dust and 2 x Wound Secretion)
  • Corrupted Stones x200 (You must combine Stones x400, Secretions x200 and Demon Blood x200 in the Brazier in total)

In addition to the materials you need to build the map room, you must also be at least level 62 to be able to use it at all.

Activate obelisks for fast travel

Once you meet all the requirements, nothing stands in the way of fast travel. You can now activate the ten obelisks scattered across the map and then use the fast travel feature to reach them. However, these obelisks are not easy to find and also pose some dangers.

Conan Exiles Obelisk - Guided
The red mist surrounding the obelisk is a sign of impending corruption.

If you happen to come across an obelisk before building the map room, you can still sync the obelisk with your snake bracelet and activate it until the map room is completed.

It’s also important to know that you can only travel to the Obelisks from your base. To travel back to your base or to another obelisk, you must walk or ride your mount.

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