Tzuyu from TWICE has found a new hobby; Read on to find out more

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When it comes to TWICE’s Tzuyu, there seems to be nothing she can’t achieve. It’s no wonder that admirers all over the world have fallen in love with her because of her amazing looks, great skills and charming demeanor!

Despite her skill and talent, Tzuyu used her time to learn something new! The group recently appeared on the Shopee Philippines special where they answered fan questions and played games!

One of the topics was if any of the members would like to discuss something they usually do on their days off!

“Tzuyu has one!” Chaeyoung yelled before the members had a chance to respond. Baking!” Tzuyu added that she recently started baking, so it seems legit!

When the host asked if Tzuyu was self-taught, Nayeon explained that she was self-taught and even gave members items to test their skills!

Tzuyu then explained how she learned, and it seems she can do anything! No wonder members were excited about their newfound skills!

I learned it by watching YouTube tutorials or something like that. I like to try simple and uncomplicated tasks.


Despite the fact that Nayeon mentioned that she enjoyed trying some of Tzuyu’s cooking, when the host asked about it, all of the members couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves, exclaiming, “It’s utterly wonderful!”

Tzuyu seemed to take it seriously, because when they were later asked what they wanted to buy, she asked for some baking supplies to help her out!

Tzuyu may not have baked much in the past, but she’s cooked a lot on camera, whether it’s on live broadcasts or in films on the group’s YouTube account. She always seems elegant when she seems to be doing something and this is no exception.

As predicted, there seems to be nothing Tzuyu can’t do! Hopefully viewers can witness more of her baking skills in the future and she will continue to support her family well!


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