Two ways Prince Harry can hurt the palace with his book: read here

Two ways Prince Harry can hurt the palace with his book: read here

Prince Harry will drop big bombshells with his memoirs, royals experts in the UK predict.

Angela Levin believes the Duke of Sussex is ready to go public with his personal conflicts with the royal family.

Speaking to Palace Confidential via Mailplus, Ms Levin said: “It’s dirty laundry to do in public and it can be small things.

“He is said to be getting around £13million.

“They want a story and they’re not going to want how beautiful everything is because that’s not going to work.

“I think it could be a little argument between people that he would blow up, or secrets about safety could be revealed.

“It could be almost anything. An AZ of what he is complaining about.”

She went on to say that Harry “has a lot of poison in his blood.”

Meanwhile, expert Jonathan Sacerdoti discovers Harry has a wealth of information to share.

Speaking to, Mr Sacerdoti said: “We know they have these commercial deals with Spotify and Netflix and we may see something from it.

“We also know that on their mock royal tour to New York they were rumored to be filming for a project because a cameraman who was not part of the press park was sighted and Prince Harry was seen with a hidden microphone on which a cable was fixed off.

“It was assumed that during this trip they were filming for something.

“Then of course there’s Harry’s book, he’s signed this massive publishing deal.

“I think we can expect some controversy from this book because I don’t think publishers pay that kind of money unless they expect something pretty substantial in return. Besides, he has a lot to tell. He has quite a life story that people love to read about.”


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