Traditional cleaning hacks you should know about – from DIY polish to freshening up your clothes


Household cleaning is dominated by modern products and nifty hacks that lead many of us to forget the timeless tricks of generations past. Kitchen cabinet staples like baking soda and white vinegar have replaced commercial cleaning kits thanks to Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Crombie – Queen of Clean. What Are The Traditional Cleaning Hacks You Should Know About With The Natural Detergent Comeback?

DIY fragrance humidifier

With condensation ravaging our homes all winter long, using a humidifier can seem counterproductive – but they can actually be very useful when you’re battling a cold sickness like the flu.

Using a wood-burning stove on a cozy winter evening means you can make your own humidifier with just a few household tools.

Before adding a few cinnamon sticks and orange peel, fill an old metal coffee container with water (up to two-thirds).

Place the filled can on the stove and wait for the scent to fill the room while the water gets hot.

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Spiced mothballs

With a little cinnamon and cloves, you can keep moths away from those thick winter knitwear hanging in your closet.

These iconic winter spices provide warming moth repellent that can be sprinkled near your clothing.

Put the clove oil and cinnamon oil in a bowl and soak cotton balls in the liquid mixture.

Put them in muslin bags and leave them on the floor of your closet or hang them on clothes rails.

They can also be scattered around a dresser, but be sure to wrap the muslin tightly so that the oiled wool doesn’t seep into clothing.

Milk polish

Grinding marks and stains on leather surfaces such as sofas or bags can be easily removed with a dollop of cow’s milk.

Pour the milk into a glass and use a clean cloth to soak up the milk before gently rubbing the stain.

Use a circular buffing motion to rub away the debris to reveal a shiny leather finish.

Naughty brass cleaner

Use a splash of spicy Worcestershire sauce on a clean cloth to remove dirt from brass surfaces.

Fragrance shirts

There’s an easy way to add a subtle scent to your bedding or work shirt while you iron it, as easily as a splash of witch hazel.

When refilling the water compartment, put a squirt of alcohol-free witch hazel liquid in your iron.

When you steam your iron it gives off a sweet but fresh scent while removing wrinkles from lighter colored fabrics.

Mint container

If you fill your trash can with leftover winter stews, your trash can can quickly smell unpleasant.

Throw in a sprig of fresh mint to remove the heat and mask some of the scents without working your way through the trash bags too quickly.


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