‘Top Chef Amateurs’, Mandy Patinkins ‘Good Fight’, A Month of Elvis, Martha Get Down and Dirty, ‘No Sudden Move’


Another crowded Thursday, Bravo’s excellent cooking contest Top chef signs out and adds a great new amateur spin-off. Mandy Patinkin joins the cast of. at The good fight as the most unusual judge. TCM names Elvis Presley Star of the Month. Martha Stewart gets her hands dirty in a new lifestyle show in the garden.


Top chef amateurs

One of the best cooking competitions on TV is wasting no time launching its newest spin-off. And it’s a winner. As soon as Top chef (8 / 7c) baptizes the champion of this season in the finale of the 18th season, after the finalists have prepared the most important four-course meals of their lives, Gail Simmons returns to host this lively, delicious one Amateurs Execution. Super fans, all overwhelmed to find themselves in the spacious rooms Top chef Kitchen, take on a classic challenge – usually with two dishes within an hour of time – work side by side with one of theirs Top chef Alum idols. “Imagine that you were a kid and you were watching your favorite movie and then suddenly you were part of it,” enthuses Basil, a pharmacist and candidate in the second of a two-part premiere. Think of it as First Chance Kitchen (a game about the Last chance kitchen Franchise, where retired chef testants can work their way back into the show). The 30-minute episodes fly by while the newbies get a taste of the Top chef Pressure cooker.


The good fight

What is Mandy Patinkin doing in this great legal drama? Everyone would like to know, as the series is entering its fifth season with the second episode. “Is that a real dish?” the investigator, who has become a legal intern Marissa (Sarah Steele), wonders when she brings a client into the ad hoc courtroom of the well-known Judge Wackner. His name tag is a license plate, his court is in the back room of a copy shop, his room is a pantry, and his demeanor is no less quirky. “I like the truth in sudden utterances,” explains Wackner after rejecting an objection. Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) is too much and babbles: “What is it? I am losing my mind. That’s not real. ”The episode also introduces the promising one Charmaine Bingwa as a first year associate Carmen Moyo, whose profile in the law firm rose unexpectedly quickly after meeting a drug lord (Tony Plana).

The good fight - Paramount +


Kiss cousins

July is the Elvis month on TCM, which celebrates the “Star of the Month” Elvis Presley every Thursday in July with a spotlight at prime time. The fun begins with two fan favorites from the 1960s: 1964 Kiss cousins, where he plays a dual role in the Smoky Mountains, and 1967 Double the trouble (10 / 9c), as a rock star in London. Overnight films span the 1967s Clambake (Midnight / 11c) and 1968 1968 Live a little, love a little (2 a.m. / 1 ​​a.m.).

Kissin 'Cousins ​​- Turner classic film

Martha is getting down and dirty

It’s not exactly Green Acres, but Martha Stewart isn’t afraid of walking into the trenches when it comes to preparing her Bedford, NY farm for summer. Stewart’s latest lifestyle series starts in three episodes and shows her green fingers as she removes dead trees from her property, planting with the help of a seed vibrator – is that the dirty part? – cheer on the grill and visit virtually with famous friends. Early guests include Kim Kardashian West and Tiffany Haddish, each learning some gardening tips, and today Al Roker who shares his famous BBQ rub recipe.


No sudden movement

Director Steven Soderbergh’s second film for the streamer – after last year’s Meryl Streep vehicle Let them all talk– is a crime novel set in Detroit in the 1950s and about a group of petty criminals whose mission to steal a document has gone dangerously sideways. The impressive cast includes Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Strange things’ David Harbor, Jon Hamm, Brendan Fraser, Succession Kieran Culkin, Ray Liotta, Bill Duke and The doom young breakout star Noah Justus.


Why women kill

In a central episode of the dark farce comedy, the housewife Alma (Allison Tolman) is so provoked by her arch enemy Rita (Lana Parrilla) that she involves her husband Bertram (Nick Frost) in order to make Rita a widow – and a possible one Murder suspect. While Alma’s daughter Dee (BK cannon) thinks about her own uncertain future, her PI-Beau Vern (Jordane Christie) takes on a cheesy new assignment that could blow up the world all.

Why Women Kill - Paramount +

In the stream:

  • For the kids: HBO Max premieres Tom and Jerry in New York, an animated series inspired by the current movie. Peacock and Hulu share the streaming rights for a second season of The powerful, an imaginative toon about the mishaps of the tiny objects – a twig, pebble, leaf, and strawberry – that occupy an overgrown backyard.
  • Archenemy (Streaming on AMC +): True Bloods Joe Manganiello plays the role of Max Fist in an action film, a self-proclaimed hero from another dimension who loses his superpowers when he lands on earth – which doesn’t stop him from taking on a deadly drug syndicate.
  • The black American fight for freedom (Streaming on BBC Select): Producer-Director Of Daniel“Explores the long struggle for equal rights and racial equality through a study of key court cases, Supreme Court rulings and laws that failed to bridge the education, housing and criminal justice divide.
  • Audible (Streaming on Netflix): A documentary follows the Maryland School for the Deaf Athlet Amaree McKenstry and his friends through the ups and downs of last year.
  • Sent shark catch (Streaming on Discovery +): Take a leap Shark week Later that month, this documentary (narrated by Eric Bana) reveals the activities of the Australian state shark control program.
  • Suffocation (Streaming on Peacock): A six-part Irish thriller about a new widow who reveals dark family secrets as she tries to find out what and who could be responsible for her husband falling over a cliff.

Inside Thursday TV:

  • Diana: 7 days (8 / 7c, BBC America and AMC +): On her 60th birthday, re-watch the 2017 documentary that describes the harrowing week after Princess Diana’s death in 1997. The special includes interviews with their sons William (then 15) and a 12 year old Harry. Followed at 10 / 9c by the biographical portrait Diana: The legacy of a princess.
  • I do that (8 / 7c, NBC): Instead of eliminating someone at last week’s season opener, they added two more manufacturers to the group in this lovable crafting contest. This week’s theme is sharing with the challenge of creating a unique type of lending library.
  • Road trip to Réunion (9 / 8c, E!): Members of the beloved Peels close the season of this delightful nostalgic wallowing when Zach Braff meets again in search of Sarah Chalke and Donald Faison rowdy, the iconic stuffed dog of medical comedy. Co-stars Robert Maschio (The Todd!) And Judy Reyes join in.
  • Impractical Jokers Awards Show (10 / 9c, truTV): In a special price special, pranksters p Joe, Q, Sal and Murr Celebrate the best and most shameful moments from over 200 episodes with hidden camera. The network premiere of the 2020s will follow at 10:30 am / 9:30 am Impractical Joker: The Movie.

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