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Have you ever wondered if some individuals and companies are growing that fast? Aside from sheer discipline and a strong work habit, one of the biggest hacks to growing your business is creating notoriety and credibility. Having trust with your audience and being easily identifiable removes doubts in your buyer’s mind.

Building your online credibility increases sales and makes you a lot more valuable if you are a company or an individual looking to grow dramatically.

They have a website, Instagram, LinkedIn page, and a blog. You may even have run some very expensive ad campaigns, but nothing seems to be sticking. The traffic comes, but then it quickly falls silent. What can you do? Why is this? Work on building your online credibility.

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What is online credibility?

According to their definition, credibility is “the quality of being credible or trustworthy”. So what makes an online reputation credible? Your online reputation will be more credible when people find things about you or your company that they think are legitimate. When people see legitimate or honest things, such as highlighted spots in publications that they respect and recognize, that puts it in a good light.

The status of your online credibility depends in large part on what people find when they search for your name. Try looking for your name or your company name. What’s coming up? Then ask yourself, would you trust another company with the same search results and buy it?

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Build Credibility to Do More Business

There are many ways to build credibility online, but most of them require work and time. A more efficient way to build trust with consumers is to reach them through outlets they already have contact with. Secure a spot on a popular podcast, TV show, or news channel. Consumers tend to trust the people they see featured or featured in the major media they already trust. When you see someone being introduced, they understand that that person has to be doing something right in order to be featured on one of their favorite platforms.

But what if you don’t have established relationships with journalists? This may seem impossible from the average person’s point of view, but there are ways to access trustworthy media if you are not already famous. Many companies or individuals do this by consistently creating content on social media, introducing themselves to authors on publications, and networking with the right people.

That being said, there isn’t a complex formula for building credibility and building a brand, but it does take a deliberate effort. Even the most famous brands and people in the world – Google, Apple, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates – initially lacked credibility. At some point nobody knew any of them. It took years of success for them to become household names.

You will also find that your favorite companies and entrepreneurs are unmistakable to themselves. When I say this, I just mean that the people with some of the best engagements and followers are the ones who do two things really well:

1. They create a significant amount of success / results for their clients.

2. They have their personality and let their values ​​stand out.

The companies and individuals who “bend” their actions and use the internet to share their personalities are the ones that inspire us. They inspire us because we want to know that the apparently successful people are also real and relatable and go through the same everyday events as we do. We connect with those who seem like us.

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Clarity creates trust

Having a strong brand comes from being clear and defining who you want to target. The world’s largest companies and entrepreneurs also tend to have a message or offer that resonates with their audience. These companies have figured out exactly who they are marketing to and what the vulnerabilities of that audience are.

When you know who to help and what solution you can offer them, the key is to consistently create messages, products and services for them. The goal should be to connect with your audience on a friendly basis and help them reach their highest potential.

You might be wondering Where should I start? Simply put, the answers are:

1. Make it clear who your target market is and what it needs from you.

2. Create content on as many platforms as possible that serve your target market.

3. Be consistent with the quantity and quality of your content and conversations on a weekly and monthly basis.

By doing these things you are well on your way to building real online credibility.

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