The Weasley siblings, ranked from least to most messy


The 25th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Book draws near and Potterheads prepare to celebrate The Boy Who Lived with fanfare. As well as Harry Potter, they were also introduced to the beloved Weasley siblings who went a long way in making Harry feel welcome both inside and outside of Hogwarts.

Ron, Percy, Ginny, Fred and George had spent a lot of time with Harry at Hogwarts and like him, they rarely had good plans. As a large, boisterous family, the Weasleys had a lot of chaotic energy, and each child said and did things that were chaotic and at times entertaining. Still, some of them were far more anarchic than the others.


7 Bill Weasley

The eldest Weasley sibling, William, affectionately known as Bill, was the least disruptive of the brood. He was the most heroic sibling of all, but he liked to remain calm and collected even in the face of danger. This could be because he was the eldest and had to set an example for his brothers and sisters who followed him.

Even when Bill was attacked by Fenrir Greyback, who left him disfigured for life, he stayed the course, married Fleur and became a dependable pillar of strength for the Order and its people.

6 Charlie Weasley

Also, one of the older Weasley offspring, Charlie had more chaotic energy than his brother Bill. He didn’t seek trouble, instead opting for dealing with dragons as a profession, which was quite brave and also indicated a rebellious and mischievous spirit in him.

Cheerful and personable, this Weasley sibling also didn’t hesitate to get their hands dirty with Ron and Harry and help them rehabilitate an illegal dragon in the middle of the night. Clumsy, Charlie was known to drop entire displays in Zonko’s Joke Shop and also fell while decorating the Great Hall. He was good friends with Hagrid, who was a rather boisterous man himself.

5 Percy Weasley

Despite all his foresight, planning, and goal setting for the future, Percy made terrible decisions in his early adulthood. He chose a very flawed Ministry towards his parents and set out to do his horn when it was clearly spreading propaganda and misinformation about Harry.

Percy didn’t know how to deal with the aftermath of his betrayal, so he went ahead and made matters worse by skipping the hospital visits at Arthur and Bill’s wedding. It took several years for the Head Boy to think clearly and not cause chaos.

4 Ron Weasley

Incredibly awkward with his threadbare robes and books, Ron initially tried not to take a seat, but it wasn’t to be. His loud and fun personality was accepted and loved by everyone, but he caused a lot of trouble during his time at Hogwarts. Even Draco Malfoy couldn’t keep up with Ron.

Driving a flying Ford Anglia, eating love potion-laced chocolate meant for Harry, getting poisoned, trying his luck with Fleur Delacour (his future sister-in-law), and abandoning his friends when they hunted Horcruxes were just a few of the turmoil things Ron did that made him a chaotic member of the Weasley family.

3 Ginny Weasley

Just like Ron, Ginny found herself in some very unique and chaotic situations at Hogwarts, the most notable of which was her unhappy time with Tom Riddle and the Chamber of Secrets. The most successful Weasley sibling managed to petrify a bunch of children and adults by releasing the Basilisk and almost lost her life afterward.

Ginny was attracted to the one boy who had the most turbulent years at Hogwarts – Harry. She clearly had a penchant for trouble and a bat-bogey hex like no other. Ginny was a little cracker and could take on just about anyone she wanted, having had the experience of living with older brothers her entire life.

2 George Weasley

George, the “holey” half of the iconic duo, was a little more peaceful than his late twin, Fred. Much more diplomatic than Fred, he was good at smoothing things over and making the Weasley twins look a little less absurd to the public.

George had mean brawling skills far more vicious than his brother’s. He could really toss the Bludgers around, making him a truly chaotic creature that was impressive on the Quidditch pitch. The pranks and ideas George Fred came up with were wild, and he wasn’t afraid to make a spectacle.

1 Fred Weasley

Despite being twins, Fred was much more rebellious and energetic than George. He was the one who came up with the most disturbing ideas – using the aging potion to enter the Triwizard tournament, driving the flying Ford Anglia to Privet Drive, freeing a salamander to give it fireworks, and dropping a Ton Tongue Toffee around to let Dudley.

He was full of scathing remarks towards his siblings and wasn’t afraid to pull Ron’s leg for Scabbers, girls or school. Fred’s aura, open and creator of amazingly bad ideas, was the most chaotic of them all. Fred acted first and thought later.

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