The Top 5 Female Tech YouTubers To Check Out Today


Are you a tech lover looking for new content to watch on YouTube? YouTube is a great entertainment platform and a great place to get insights into topics that interest you.

Many of the biggest tech YouTube channels are run by men. However, there are plenty of female tech creators and influencers on YouTube.

Let’s take a look at some of the compelling female tech YouTubers you should be following. All of these excellent channels are technology-focused, each offering a unique perspective on technology.

Justine Ezarik, known as iJustine, is one of the most popular tech YouTubers. iJustine has a long background in engineering that dates back to teaching herself HTML at the age of 12.

iJustine rose to fame in 2007 after uploading a video about her 300-page iPhone bill from AT&T. Since then, her YouTube channel has garnered over 6 million subscribers.

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This channel not only offers insights into the latest tech gadgets, but also offers entertaining vlogs and humorous cooking videos.

TechMeOut is passionate about technology and wants to help beginners understand complex topics related to technology. As of 2021, TechMeOut has covered a range of product reviews, from hidden features in Android and iOS to the latest in smart home gadgets.

Whether you’re jailbreaking your phone or want to learn about a new device, TechMeOut has it all.

TechMeOut also has tutorials on how to jailbreak your phone (jailbreaking a device isn’t illegal, if you’re wondering!)

At first glance, Estafannie’s channel may seem strange due to its quirky video titles and thumbnails. But you may find entertainment and new knowledge from the computer science graduate who is now making engaging and educational videos.

She uploads a variety of easy-to-use videos to her channel, including programming tutorials and videos for creating your own Instagram filter.

The content of Estafannie is not limited to computer science. She is expanding her expertise and knowledge through her DIY electronics videos. Estafannie will entertain you with her geeky humor and funny videos like “My Robot Has Depression”.

Stereotype Breakers is a channel that aims to create an inclusive space for women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Stereotype Breakers began with the name Coding Blonde, which was about a woman documenting her coding journey.

This YouTube channel has evolved since then and is now creating helpful content for tech enthusiasts, from tips on programming courses to information on entry-level tech jobs.

Stereotype Breakers emphasizes the importance of empowering women and breaking the stereotypes that STEM is an industry for men.

Krystal Lora is a technology enthusiast who creates content through tech devices. Her channel mainly focuses on providing informative reviews, product comparisons, and unboxing gadgets.

When looking to buy an iPhone or other in-demand device, you can rely on Krystal Lora’s videos for an informative decision. With over 300,000 subscribers, Krystal Lora continues to build a name in the tech space.

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How to support your favorite YouTubers

Now that you know these remarkable female tech YouTubers, you can find ways to support them. You can improve their algorithm by liking, subscribing to and commenting on their videos, or you can increase their viewing time by locking their channel.

YouTube has also come up with ways that content creators can make money. You can show your support for your favorite YouTubers by using YouTube’s super thank you feature.

YouTube super thank you

You can now super thank your favorite YouTubers

If a simple “thank you” is not enough, now is the time to show your support on a grand scale.

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