The influence that social media has on us | staff columnists


Social media has taken hold of many people’s lives. It was a gateway to trends, news and various forms of entertainment.

There are many social media platforms that have grown into careers and influenced people around the world. People feel like they can relate to many on the app despite being miles apart.

It’s true that social media sometimes takes up a lot of time, but it’s also something that connects us all.

I personally spend too much time on the internet but find it a place to get lost in what seems like difficult times.

A lot of news that has been shared lately talks about the changes to our laws regarding abortion and guns. Many celebrities and people have shared their feelings on both issues, launching campaigns, protests, petitions and more for them to be seen and heard.

Jackie Ruiz Rodriguez

Social media is a place where people can freely express their opinions and thoughts without having to meet in person. It has opened up many job opportunities for people who want to share their personal lives online and promote their products.

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Tik Tok became a big thing due to the quarantine and it has been evolving lately.

Businesses big and small have used their platforms to grow and reach many consumers. It has allowed them to use the feedback on their pages to create something that people will buy and love.

As good as it is to have social media, it’s always a good idea to take a break every now and then. Turning off apps usually helps me clear my head and make decisions on my own.

It’s easy to get carried away by other people’s opinions, and it can be quite dangerous if you take what other people say to heart.

Social media is a place that can boost your confidence, but also a place where comments are unnecessary and make it difficult to express yourself freely.

It can create a place for people to bully and do wrong things. Bullying can happen anytime, anywhere, and it seems like the internet is a place where a lot of people comment on things they shouldn’t be commenting on.

Although such things can happen, it doesn’t always show up and can be easily overlooked by many people.

Social media also gives us different forms of entertainment and trends that people seem to jump on. I remember one trend particularly well.

Students at the school stole soap dispensers, clocks and binders, trying their best not to get caught.

It got to a point where schools were closing and locking their bathrooms. I would say it wasn’t one of our best trends.

On the contrary, it made our generation look a bit childish, but there were some trends and movements that stood out from the rest.

These include the Black Lives Matter movement, women’s rights and we’ve even raised awareness of some environmental issues.

When I honestly look back at all the things people have created and made, I don’t think people expected social media apps to grow as much as they did.

News from all over the world can be seen in just a few minutes. We can see live footage of soldiers fighting in wars, the damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes, and the poverty that is almost instantaneous everywhere.

It’s amazing how our technology has evolved and found its way into our everyday lives.

Many upload pictures and videos of family and friends to remember them and to archive the times of our lives that we spend on this earth.

We share everything from culture and food to life hacks and feelings about specific topics.

In a few years, I can imagine students at school and around the world having access to our old social media pages. You can use these resources for your history projects or reports.

It’s incredible to think that we have a place that can help make the changes we need in this world to create a better place to live, not just for our future generations, but for the present.


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