The funniest workout tutorials on YouTube


Who says exercise has to be a serious endeavor? If you’re ready to work up a sweat, and maybe get a little silly in the process, then these fun workouts on YouTube are definitely worth a click on the play button.

Drum-inspired workouts paired with intense music make for incredibly fun cardio sessions. Not just for musicians, these routines invite everyone to channel their inner rock star.

18-minute drum-inspired full-body workout

Follow this 18-minute exercise routine that will get your whole body moving. Use a pair of drumsticks (or something you have on hand) to duplicate this uncompromisingly loud and upbeat workout.

If you loved playing with a hula hoop as a kid, then these workouts will be a blast. Scarlett shows you how to build core strength (and learn some cool tricks) with the classic hoop.

Hula Hoop Dance Workout: 15 minute fitness hoop for experienced beginners

Work on the key abdominal movements needed to keep the hoop moving with this beginner-friendly video. You’ll also add some arm movements and side steps for a full body experience.

Hula Hoop Dance Workout: 10-minute, fast, moderate, intense blast

For more experienced hoop users, this routine includes aerobic and dance moves, all performed while the hoop is spinning.

If you just can’t get enough of these, there are many more hula hoop workouts on YouTube. Many people love this spirited and just plain fun approach to exercise.

Mix dance moves with yoga for an unexpected approach to movement. Rashmi’s channel has great fitness content, and the dance-inspired yoga flows are particularly enjoyable.

Dance yoga workout step by step

First, learn the steps and sequence of Rashmi’s dance yoga fitness routine. A blend of contemporary movement and yoga, a refreshing and energizing flow. The instructions are clear and you don’t need any previous dance experience to participate.

Dance Yoga Fitness Workout | Complete sequence

Now carry out all the steps together in this dancing flow. Rashmi makes it look effortless, but trying to keep up is part of the fun. Check out the beginner yoga poses on YouTube if you want some extra time with these types of forms.

Get in shape with these cardio exercises. As anyone who has been to a trampoline park can attest, these machines are a real sweat.

20 minute HIIT mini trampoline workout

Michelle Briehler demonstrates this high-intensity interval training routine with lots of high-intensity exercises. Jumping jacks, leg raises, and kicks are just a few of the exercises you’ll tackle in this video.

35 minute trampoline cardio workout

Perform this routine on your trampoline or just follow along on a soft surface. Either way, this video will have you doing sprints, star jacks, squats, and more for just over 30 minutes.


When was your last bike? As an adult, start again with the basic movements of gymnastics.

Tumbling Training | Beginners (for adults)

Tyson Edwards offers advice to adults interested in tumbling, beginning with a series of moves named after animals. Try duck walk, bouncing bear, and crab walk exercises to build strength and flexibility. Once you’re comfortable there, try out some basic tumbling and cartwheels.

ZERO to handstand

As Edwards shows, handstands are also part of it. Learn the basic exercises that can help you build a handstand with this increasingly intense video.

As YouTuber Antranik DotOrg proves, a few helpful tips can make your first experience of walking a slackline that much better. This is how you start the sport that demands all your balance skills.

Slackline Basics for Beginners with Antranik (Part 1)

First, learn some balance exercises and ways to jump off the leash in this helpful introductory video. You’ll also get instructions on how best to put your foot on the line and how to start using your arms for stability.

Slackline Basics for Beginners with Antranik (Part 2)

Next, in this video you will learn how to take your first steps on the slackline. As Antranik explains, your core and arms can help a lot with the balancing act.

Inject some serious fun into your workout with these YouTube fitness videos

As these YouTube videos prove, effective workouts can still be incredibly fun. Invigorate your approach to exercise and fitness with these fun activity videos you can try today.


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