The first foldable iPhone does not come from Apple


Foldable phones are all the rage these days, and many of the major smartphone manufacturers have something in this form factor. Apple has been conspicuously absent from this segment of the market [KJMX] decided to take matters into their own hands the “iPhone V”. (YouTube – Chinese with subtitles via MacRumors).

Instead of trying to connect an existing folding phone’s screen to the iPhone, these manufacturers delaminated a real iPhone X screen for use in the mod. It took them 37 tries before they had a screen with layers properly separated to be both flexible and functional. Several different clamshell phones have been disassembled and [KJMX] found that a Motorola Razr folding mechanism works best with the iPhone X screen. Unfortunately, since the iPhone screen is not designed to fold, it will still fail after a relatively small number of folds.

Other sacrifices have been made, like removing the Taptic Engine and a smaller battery to fit everything into the desired form factor. The “iPhone V” has the worst battery life of any iPhone to date. After almost a year of work [KJMX] can truly claim to have made something that Apple has not.

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