The Bookseller – Rights – Mitchell Beazley brews deal for Hoffmann’s guide to making coffee at home


Mitchell Beazley serves up a guide to making coffee at home from Square Mile Coffee Roasters MD and former World Champion Barista James Hoffmann.

Group Publisher Denise Bates acquired the world rights in all languages ​​for How to make the best coffee at home by Ben Clark at agency Soho. It will be released in August 2022.

The synopsis states: “Leading coffee expert James Hoffmann shows readers how to make barista-grade coffee at home. He demonstrates everything you need to know to brew consistently excellent coffee, including: which kit is and isn’t worth buying; Understanding the key elements, from water to coffee extraction level; the basics of brewing with tutorials for all major devices (Cafetière, AeroPress, Stovetop and more); how to get the most out of your coffee grinder; Understand coffee drinks, from flat white to macchiato; and prepare the perfect espresso.”

Hoffmann is Managing Director of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, an award-winning coffee roaster based in east London. He was also the 2007 World Barista Champion, having won the UK Barista Competition in both 2006 and 2007. His first book The world atlas of coffee (Mitchell Beazley) has sold more than 320,000 copies worldwide and has more than a million YouTube episodes, according to the publisher.

Bates said: “James has a wonderful ability to share his knowledge and passion for excellent coffee in a very accessible and helpful way, as evidenced by his hugely successful YouTube videos. This book is like having James in the kitchen with you, helping you take every cup of coffee to the next level.”

Hoffmann added, “I’m excited to be working with Mitchell Beazley again and I’m proud of the book we’ve made. The demand for great coffee at home has never been greater as over the past two years more people have become interested in the coffee they make. Hopefully the book will appeal to everyone who enjoys making coffee, whether it’s someone looking for a little how-to or someone wanting to see how deep the rabbit hole of the great one is
Coffee works!“


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