The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler: Wyatt Traps Justin, Flashbacks of Bill’s Abuse and Control


Bold and the Beautiful’s new promo, released June 28, shows Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) knows something is wrong with Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears). Determined to find out the truth, Wyatt dangles the irresistible bait of Spencer Publications in front of Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) right hand. The lawyer falls into the trap, but also has a series of flashbacks showing Bill’s abuse.

Justin Barber’s resentments

B&B spoilers reveal that fans were a little surprised when Justin was confirmed as the villain in this story. He’s been Bill’s right-hand man for many years and cleans up all the man’s mess.

Bill told Justin everything, including details about his criminal activities.

One thing that is different with this new story is that Bill stopped trusting his lawyer. He didn’t seem to be asking for a lawyer either, and we didn’t see him talking on the phone.

So it seems that the resentment and anger have built up on Justin for some time. Bill probably knows about it and might even suspect that he’s upset.

That would surely explain that he suddenly had secrets from Justin and wasn’t asking for a lawyer at the police station.

B&B Spoiler: Wyatt Spencer’s Suspicions

On Monday’s episode, we saw Justin make himself comfortable in Bill’s office.

When Wyatt walked in the door, things got a little uncomfortable. Justin coincided with claiming that he had taken care of some papers. Wyatt pretended to be so grateful, but it was clear he suspected something was wrong.

Use Spencer publications as bait

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Wyatt is putting Justin to the test.

Wyatt talks about how much work there is at Spencer Publications now that he’s in charge. He always has so many decisions to make and the company is just too much for him.

Wyatt also shares that he’s really stressed out about the situation. He looks at his cell phone and claims it is Flo Logan (Katrina Bowden), just to emphasize how busy he is.

Justin is careful at first. It turns out to be too much, however, that Wyatt is practically dangling Spencer Publications. Justin can’t resist and suggests taking over the company.

Wyatt thinks it’s a great idea and jets out the door claiming he needs to meet Flo. It is clear, however, that Wyatt is likely going to jail to let Bill know what is going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Spencer Flashbacks

The new preview also shows that we’re getting to see some old scenes. In all of them, Bill either yells at Justin, insults him, or humiliates him in some way.

Justin got into trouble for not following orders, but was also reprimanded for doing exactly what Bill said.

The flood of memories came to Justin and this builds an insane defense. It leaves the door open for Justin to return mentally stable, but we have to wonder if Bill takes responsibility for his part in Justin’s breakdown?

Will he face any consequences or could he get away with it like he always has?

Find out everything that’s happening at B&B right now. Come back often for spoilers, news, and updates from The Bold and the Beautiful.

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