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Traveling the world is something many of us dream of. However, one of the biggest barriers to traveling worldwide is budget. Many of us believe that a true wanderlust can only be achieved with high earnings or long savings.

Jetting around the world is actually more accessible and cheaper than you might think. Read on to find out how to use these sites to travel the world for free.

Take care of other people’s homes and pets

Accommodation can be a huge expense to consider when making international travel plans. Perhaps you have bought a plane ticket and cannot find affordable accommodation at your destination. The solution? Sign up for a house sitting service.

House sitting is a great way to explore new areas rent free, and many houses have furry residents to keep you company – perfect if you are a solo traveler. There are hundreds of pet and home owners around the world looking for people to look after their belongings and animals while they travel on their own.

House and pet sit to travel for free

Getting started with house sitting is easy. Most websites require you to set up an account, fill out a personal profile, and then go through some security checks to verify yourself as a reliable and trustworthy house sitter. Don’t forget to fill your profile with lots of information about yourself, including some friendly selfies to increase your chances of getting a seat.

It is worth looking for certified locations as you are covered by insurance (for both pets and home). Also, all members of the household must go through security checks so you can be sure that you are staying in a safe place.

Here are three certified home and pet sitting websites.


TrustedHousesitter website for free travel

If you love pets, TrustedHousesitters is a great place to start. Sits can be found in England, Australia, South America, Asia and more, with accommodations ranging from houses and apartments to city or farm seats. Expect to look after all types of pets, from cats, dogs, and birds to turtles, chickens, and horses.

To become a certified member of TrustedHousesitters you need to provide a full profile and complete some security checks. Couples are also welcome to register together under one profile, which is ideal if you are traveling with a friend or partner.

There’s a registration fee, but it’s a small price to pay for the money you save on accommodation, electricity, and WiFi.

House Sitter America

Housesitting opportunities in america to travel for free

If you’re looking to explore more of the States, House Sitters America is the place for you. Hosted exclusively for house sitters in the US, sitters can choose to house with or without pets.

There is an admission fee for sitters, but unlike TrustedHousesitters, some homeowners offer to pay their sitters for their services. This means that you have the option of getting your registration fee back relatively quickly.

A criminal record check and good references will also help your profile stand out from the competition of other sitters.


Mind My House website to travel for free

Global house sitting service MindMyHouse offers seating in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, South Africa and more.

MindMyHouse was founded in 2005 and is a great place for newbies thanks to its robust online community. It offers encouraging testimonials, helpful advice, and blogs and FAQs to answer any questions or concerns new house sitters have.

MindMyHouse claims the “lowest annual fee” on the internet (only $ 20 per year) and does not auto-renew. With a simple sign-up and an easy-to-create profile, it’s a great platform to save money while traveling.

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Work and live abroad as a Seasonnaire

work and live abroad as a seasonal worker

Despite the connection between Uni-Gap Years and seasonal work, there is no age limit to become seasonal. You can find a wide variety of paid roles, suitable for all ages, skills, and experience, with lots of perks and freebies.

Not only do you get the chance to live like a local for free, but many employers also pay for your flights, accommodation, and sometimes meals as part of the employee package.

For example, winter seasonaires residing in a ski resort can receive employee benefit packages that include ski lift passes and ski rentals, while summer workers can enjoy free excursions such as boat trips and land tours.

Seasonal work is traditionally divided into summer and winter jobs – although there are jobs that span multiple seasons – that allow you to live in a new country for five to six months at a time. You could take on the role of a resort rep, kids club activist, or even a tour guide.

There are several online job boards for seasonal workers, including the following.

Seasonal workers

Work abroad to travel for free

Season Worker is an easy-to-use bulletin board website. Season Workers not only offers seasonal summer and winter work, but also offers courses (e.g. ski instructor or cooking courses), airline work and even teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Go abroad

Go Abroad website for jobs abroad to travel for free

Go Abroad has been helping students travel the world since 1997. You can choose to study, teach, do an internship or volunteer abroad, or just go on a worldwide adventure. It offers opportunities to travel around the world so that you are not restricted by location.

Anywork anywhere

Find jobs overseas to travel for free

The Netherlands-based international recruiting website Anywork Anywhere has a huge list of jobs around the world for all tastes and experiences. You can find a range of jobs, from au pair and activity instructor positions to fruit picking, farm and customer service roles.

With thousands of opportunities around the world, meet like-minded travelers everywhere.

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Volunteer Abroad for Amazing Life Experiences

Volunteering abroad to travel for free

Volunteering abroad is a way to travel the world while getting involved in large projects such as: B. supporting local communities and fighting poverty. As with seasonal work, you will meet like-minded people during your voluntary service abroad.

Here are some brilliant websites to help you make a difference while traveling.

Volunteer forever

Volunteer Forever website to travel for free

Volunteer Forever is a comprehensive resource for finding and funding volunteer, internship, and teaching experiences abroad. Packed with expert information, scholarship advice, and experience sharing, it’s a great website to get started as a volunteer.

International Volunteer Headquarters

Volunteer Abroad to Travel the World for Free

If you want to enjoy life-enriching travel experiences that also have a positive impact on a community, visit International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ). You can plan your trip based on the purposes you want to help (e.g. childcare, conservation, empowerment of women or community development) or choose a country and see which projects you would like to participate in.

The stressful things like securing airline tickets and booking a hotel are handled by IVHQ. This way, you can fully enjoy the travel and volunteering experience.

International citizen service

Travel the world for free with ICS

The International Citizen Service (ICS) is funded by the Department for International Development and is ideal for candidates who want to get involved in charity on a limited budget.

Volunteers are available for 18-25 year olds, and anyone between the ages of 23 and 35 can sign up as team leaders for projects. Participants are encouraged to raise funds prior to the trip, but ICS staff will receive financial assistance.

Get ready to travel for less

There are many options and resources online to help you travel for free or on a budget. It’s always worth taking a look World health organization‘s pre-travel website for the rules and safety information of the country or region you plan to travel to.

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