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YouTube is a platform where you can watch millions of videos from all over the world. Whether those videos are podcasts, reviews, or even reactions, YouTube has something for everyone. However, some content creators take it a step further and make their videos extra long. If you’re looking for videos longer than several hours, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up ten of the longest videos currently on YouTube. Note that these may not be the absolute longest videos on YouTube, but we’ve tried to narrow the scope down to entertainment-grade appetizers. Somehow we suspect that a 70 hour second countdown wouldn’t be very comfortable.

10. The longest 5 seconds on YouTube.

If you’ve always wanted to see a five-second snippet that stretches into a 19-hour thrill ride, watch this video from The Slow Mo Guys. As their chosen name suggests, these two men enjoy filming some crazy activities in slow motion, like jumping on a water balloon, getting hit in the face with a soccer ball and shooting a Newton’s cradle. “The Longest 5 Seconds On YouTube,” released in 2016, spans a clip from their “Glass Explosion at 343,000 fps!” where they heat up a glass measuring cup and explode its handle with just a squirt of water. While this explosion’s buildup is quite lengthy, it’s worth paying attention to the concussive effect alone.

9. I counted to 100,000!

This next video is by Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, a YouTuber known for popularizing stunt videos on the platform. However, Donaldson only went viral in 2017 after posting a video of himself counting to 100,000. The video was originally 40 hours long, but Adobe only allows videos that are 24 hours long, so some parts are fast-forwarded. Still, the fact that Donaldson has been committed to the bit for so long is a testament to his dedication as a content creator. While this video was undoubtedly difficult to make, it was worth the risk as it put Donaldson on the map.

8. 24 Hour Challenge Family Fun Challenge / That YouTub3 Family The Adventurers

In 2019, a family of YouTubers called That YouTub3 Family – The Adventurers released a video of themselves filming themselves for 24 hours over the course of a weekend. Much of this video shows the family’s daily activities, such as eating meals, playing video games, and opening fan mail. This may be disappointing for some subscribers as they participate in crazier activities like roller coaster rides or staying at a haunted hotel in the family’s other videos. But the 24 Hour Family Fun Challenge is still great if you want to live vicariously through that family for a weekend — or rather, 24 hours of a weekend.

7. I drew Pewdiepie for 24 hours | ZHC

Artist ZHC shot a 24-hour video in 2019 in which he drew another famous YouTuber named PewDiePie. The fact that ZHC can draw so long without faltering is a testament to his talent and dedication. He gets some help from his girlfriend, but most of the work on display is his own. ZHC even listened to the same PewDiePie song throughout the video, which certainly helps put him in the right frame of mind during the project. Even better, PewDiePie reviewed ZHC’s drawing in one of his videos – and he liked it! Click here if you would like to see ZHC’s reaction to this review.

6. I’ve just played GTA 5 for 24 HOURS! (World Record Challenge)

YouTuber Bloo (not to be confused with Bloo from FaZe Clan) shared a video of him playing in 2021 grand theft auto v, or GTA5 short, with his friends for 24 hours. This video is proof of how much you can do in GTA 5 as Bloo participates in heists, extreme races and a mountain bike ride. A highlight of this video is when Bloo was being chased by a UFO. It’s definitely a treat for fans of GTA5. Who knows, maybe Bloo and his friends will make another video starring them GTA6 24 hours straight?

5. Longest video on Youtube (24 hours)

This next video was released in 2010 and is by jtpfreak. This channel is known for vlogs and experiment videos. What sets “Longest Video On YouTube (24 Hours)” apart from jtpfreak’s usual content is that it includes absurd comedy sketches like puppet shows and news shows featuring a dog. There are still some documentary clips of a peacock in a zoo and a local band performing. But for the most part, this video is made up of silly parts. If you like this kind of humor, then this video is for you. The internet’s busiest music nerd, Anthony Fantano, aka theneedledrop, even has a cameo appearance!

4. PLAY FORTNITE FOR 24 HOURS! *world record*

Kwebbelkop, one of Bloo’s friends who appeared in his 24 hour film GTA5 Video, released his own 24-hour Let’s Play four years earlier – this time playing Fourteen days. Similar to Bloo, Kwebbelkop drives himself to play Fortnite for twenty-four hours and is surprisingly able to stay awake at all times. One of the most entertaining parts happened when Kwebbelkop tried to shoot enemies while they were building a fortress. Although he paused several times during recording, Kwebbelkop had enough material for 24 hours. His team doesn’t get many wins for much of the video, but it’s still a fun watch for fans of Fourteen days.


Although “24 HOURS OF PLAYING MINECRAFT NOW!” is another 24 hour Let’s Play video on this list. What sets it apart from the rest is that the YouTuber known as UnspeakableReacts sleeps most of the video. The first hour was released in 2018 and shows UnspeakableReacts behaving typically Minecraft Activities like taming wolves and chopping down trees, but then he plugs his headphone jack into the digging commands while he falls asleep. The rest of the video shows UnspeakableReacts digging a tunnel while he sleeps, which is a hilarious thought in and of itself. if you a Minecraft If you’re a fan and want to watch someone dig a tunnel for twenty-three hours without even being awake, then you should definitely check out this video.

2. 1 Year Jungle Survival Challenge – Full Videos – The longest video in the world

The next video on this list is from the Survival Challenge YouTube channel. Released in 2021, 1 Year Survival Challenge In The Jungle – full Videos – The Longest Video Alive contains twenty-four hours of footage of the unnamed content creator, known only as “Jungle Man” according to the bottom left corner. while he lives in the forest for a year. In this video we see how Jungle Man takes part in all sorts of survival activities like building huts, creating irrigation systems and hunting animals. Really a great video for anyone considering living in the wild. And even if you don’t want to live in the wild, this video is still worth a look.

1. Teo does a 36 hour stream

The longest video on this list is a 36-hour twitch stream from games channel Teo — or rather, its second channel, More Teo. Unlike other Let’s Plays on this list, Teo does a 36 hour stream consists of Teo playing multiple games e.g Jurassic World: Evolution 2, Battlefield 2042and encryption. It’s as if Teo thought he couldn’t play a game for 36 hours and would have to play several to justify the length of the stream. Although he slept during the stream, it was only for a few hours and he kept the stream going by showing existing videos in the meantime. Still, it’s a great video, especially for anyone looking to get into Twitch streaming.

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