Summit’22 | BIT Mesra’s annual flagship event


Entrepreneurship Development Cell, BIT Mesra is pleased to announce the start of its annual flagship event; E Summit’22. The event is set to boomerang on March 11, 2022.

EDC BIT Mesra hosts the E Summit each year to encourage the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country.

Colleges from across the country attend the festival to learn the art of change and advancement. The festival hosts prominent industry specialists, renowned experts as well as lively students over a period of 3 consecutive days.

This year, the theme of the summit was solemnly celebrated under the motto “Believe to Achieve”. The theme suggests growth with will. It aims to encourage the growth of women’s entrepreneurship so that women can challenge society’s conventional norms and become the future leaders of change, holding high the banners of innovation and wisdom.

The summit will feature events focused on everything from startup pitches to data analysis to case studies and crisis management. To add to the aura, several entertaining events were also organized during the weekends. Movie nights, poker and bravery await the eagerness of the participants. The 5th edition of E’ Summit will host renowned names such as Satish Ray, Vijay Aggarwal (BharatPe CTO), Harish Kumar (CEO, Bluelearn) and many more. Not only will these speakers provide much-needed insights into living sanely, but they will also discuss life hacks and tricks to finding our place in this busy world.

About BIT Mesra and EDC:

Founded in 1955 by visionary industrialist Mr. BM Birla, BIT Mesra had a clear vision to offer its young minds a space where their imaginations could fly and their ideas come to fruition. For over 6 decades, the institute has nurtured minds with a rich legacy of academic excellence and developed learning frameworks that were far ahead of their time.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell is dedicated to fostering the culture of innovation-driven startups and the entrepreneurial mindset among students at our prestigious institution. It is a body of emerging individuals with an interest in finance and business, together with the aim of bridging the gap between innovation and opportunity, and bringing together experienced entrepreneurs and students at a single stage in today’s maze of evolving technology and economy. The group is the proud standard bearer for all entrepreneurial activities in the university. With a variety of events, guest lectures, webinars and workshops organized throughout the year, EDC strives to provide a wealth of opportunities to turn bright thoughts into ideas that lead to success.


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