Stop your pumpkin from rotting with this simple hack


We’ve had our pumpkin spice candles lit for weeks, but we’re now stocking up on a pumpkin or five to decorate our front doors. Of course, you want your pumpkin not to rot – and there is a simple trick to keep your pumpkin looking fresh.

Knowing how to carve a pumpkin is essential for the scary season – but you’ll also want to enjoy it for as long as possible. According to a gardening expert, a vinegar-water solution is the secret to long-lasting jack-o-lanterns.

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Vinegar-water solution

‘Extending the life of your pumpkin just depends on how you care for it!’ says Evie Lane, gardening expert primrose. “If you plan on storing your pumpkin outdoors, spray your pumpkins with a vinegar and water solution instead of bleach to avoid harming curious wildlife.”

This will clean the outside of your pumpkin and prevent bacteria and mold from developing on the surface of the skin. You can soak your pumpkins in the bathtub with water and a little bleach.

However, we recommend trying alternative, non-toxic methods that are safer for humans and animals.

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Keep the inside hydrated

Evie points out that after carving, pumpkins can soften and collapse if not moisturized. “To help your pumpkin retain moisture, spray the vinegar-water solution on the inside of your pumpkin daily,” recommends Evie.

We understand this may seem like a lot of hard work. But it will make a huge difference in how your pumpkins look through the holidays, not to mention your Halloween decor display.

Repel wildlife

Find out how to stop squirrels from eating pumpkins when the cute but annoying creatures are enjoying your seasonal display a little even much. There are a few other factors to consider when it comes to keeping your pumpkin from rotting – like temperature.

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stay cool

“A warm pumpkin makes a moldy pumpkin,” says Evie. She says it’s important to properly store your pumpkin so it doesn’t rot.

Consider using an artificial tealight candle in some of your pumpkins as a cooler alternative to a flamed tealight. “If you keep your pumpkin in the refrigerator overnight, it will also stay cool and last until Halloween,” says Evie.

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Lock in moisture with petroleum jelly

One final tip to prevent your pumpkin from rotting is to add some TLC to the carved edges. “You can wipe off petroleum jelly on the carved edges to lock in moisture,” says Evie.

There are some other weird and wonderful hacks out there too, but be very careful to check that the products you are using are non-flammable. Rubbing vegetable oil, WD40 (yes, really), hairspray, or rubbing alcohol on your pumpkin would be very dangerous.


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