Sterling McDavid shares her Ultimate Hamptons Summer Guide


A few adjectives probably come to mind when you hear “the Hamptons.” Whatever you think of the destination that encompasses the east end of Long Island, I think we can all agree that it’s a unique place.

I was first introduced to the Hamptons while reading The Great Gatsby in middle school. It quickly became my favorite novel, which I read at least five more times before going to college. Growing up in Texas, the town of East Egg sounded like a fantasy land that couldn’t possibly exist. When I finally got the chance to travel to the Hamptons at the age of 19 thanks to some New York friends I met in college, I jumped at the opportunity and my never-ending love affair began.

For over a decade I have had the pleasure of spending a portion of each summer in the Hamptons. There are few places I have traveled that give me the same feeling of warmth and comfort.

I can come East, never leave our home in Bridgehampton, and at the end of each day I will feel rejuvenated.

I can also spend a late night with friends and enjoy the lively scene. Personally, for me, the Hamptons is a quiet getaway with a vibrant social scene that’s every city dweller’s dream.

The fact is, “the Hamptons” can be anything you want it to be – and that’s the beauty of it. If you’re looking for a low-key getaway from the city it’s the perfect destination, but if you’re looking for an action-packed good time you can easily have that too.

As much as I love spending the day poolside and channeling my inner Daisy Buchanan, I also enjoy getting out of the house to experience all that the Hamptons has to offer. I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite activities and restaurants so you can tailor your Hamptons experience the way you want it…

[Photos courtesy Sterling McDavid]


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