Soha Ali Khan and Husband Kunal Kemmu Share Parenting Hacks: ‘In marriage or any parenting situation, everything is a phase…’


Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu have been featured in a new video on the Tweak India channel, where they talk about their experiences raising their daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. They also shared some parenting hacks with viewers. In the video, Soha and Kunal emphasized the number one rule in parenting, which is, “You really have to try to listen to your child.”

When the couple were asked a few questions, such as which of the two would be more likely to discipline their daughter, Soha said it would be her. However, when asked which of the two liked to dress Inaaya and do her hair, they both said it would be Kunal. He also said that he is the one who spoils her by giving her chocolates, for which he is “scolded” by Soha.

Kunal shared how he believes children should be taught new concepts. He said: “Any concept you tell them in a way that you’re trying to teach them, there’s a lesser chance they’ll do it. You have to somehow make it a part of your lifestyle and let it flow into her and her lifestyle.”

Soha then shared that Inaaya didn’t like walking on grass as she had never experienced it. The two had to introduce them to open spaces, parks and gardens for their sensory growth. Soha said: “She wasn’t used to that feeling as she was born in a modern apartment. A lot of things in nature can be unnatural for children of our generation, so you have to expose them to things like the sea, water, forests, etc.”

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Soha also shared how she believes free play is important for children. She said: “Free play is also important. And luckily now, when the lockdown is eased and the Covid restrictions are eased, we go to school, they go to playdates, they meet. Even if you leave them and their friends alone in a room, they engage, introduce themselves, and pretend to play. The idea is not to limit their imagination, nor to overwhelm them with too many options.”

Soha then shared how she was guilty of calculating her daughter’s entire week. She said: “Parents can be too structured too and I’m guilty of skipping their whole week, be it their diet or play dates. Sometimes she says she just wants to play, and I have to be sensitive about that.” Kunal added, “We’re such a generation where we would listen to our parents, but they wouldn’t listen to us, now we have to up our kids hear and we feel like my generation got screwed in the middle because we never had to be the boss.”

Soha and Kunal also talked about introducing a pet into their family and teaching Inaaya to ask permission before touching a pet. They also stressed the need for children to know and learn more about animals. Soha and Kunal, who instilled values ​​like empathy and love in their daughter, also spoke about how important it is for a child’s emotional development to be humble, and continuing to live a life where Inaaya can watch and learn .

Soha shared anecdotes about how she learned certain things from her father, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. She said, “We must teach our children by example. I never heard my father raise his voice, so I understood that it wasn’t up to you to raise your voice. He always spoke to people with respect and that’s how I learned that we should talk to people with respect. You have to try to be a good role model for your child, but if you make a mistake and apologize for it, that’s okay too, because we’re all human.”

“We all need to remember that in marriage or in any parenting situation, everything is a phase and that phase will be over and a new phase will begin. When I was very obsessed with being a mom, I definitely wanted everything to be by the book and I wanted to be in control. Now I feel like I’ve achieved balance in life… It’s important to be flexible and fluid.

Soha and Kunal then talked about their children’s book Inni and Bobo Find Each Other: Inni and Bobo’s Adventures (Book 1), which Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan promoted in May.


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