So Freakin Cheap Recap 07/05/21: Season 1 Episode 2 “Saving for a Rainy Day”


Tonight on TLC So Freakin Cheap is back with me a brand new Monday, July 5, 2021, season 1 episode 2 called, “Save for a rainy day” and we have your So Freakin Cheap summary below. In today’s So Freakin Cheap episode, according to the TLC recap “The Watsons are getting cheap engagement photos, and Ashley and Colby are trying to get pregnant. The Tran family enjoys a free round of golf. Becky Guiles is looking for cheap ways to tear down a wall. The Claytons get their pocket money and wash the family car.

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The episode opens with the Watson family, Shelley says they use household items as fitness equipment to save money. Ashley trains with Shelley, she says her mother reused condoms, she remembers telling her. She tells her mother that they have a little problem with performing anxiety. Shelley tells her maybe they should have a romantic weekend, Ashley says that would be great, but when her sister and fiancé live with them the spark takes away. Shelley says she’s going to take Shane and Brittney out to dinner, anyway she wants to talk to Brittney about sticking to the $ 750 budget for her wedding.

The Guiles family, Becky, say their home is over a hundred years old and they have tried to renovate as much as possible without costing a lot of money. Her sister Pamela is visiting and wants her help demolishing a wall, even though Jay says it is a load-bearing wall. Becky doesn’t have any tools, but she uses other items to replace them. She makes a sledgehammer with a brick and a piece of wood with duct tape. Pamela says Becky is so frugal that she remembers her sister jumping into a well and pulling out the change when they were little. Pamela worries about what Becky will do to this wall.

The Clayton family, Tony says, is Allowance Day today, and when he gives paper money his family tends to spend it, so he gives them change rolled up. Angela says that no one who is sane wants to stand in line and pay in pennies. Tony describes himself as a mad obsessed curmudgeon. He says he likes to save up for a rainy day. His wife works, he stays at home. He says he can find three to four dollar coins a week. Tony says the coins act as a deterrent to spending money. Angela says they had a wonderful wedding, Tony paid for it with coins. After eight years of marriage, things have gotten so bad that Angela says something needs to be done. At the gas station he lets the family wash the outside of the car with the Squidgy, at the gas station he connects his vacuum cleaner and vacuums it himself.

Back to the Watson family, Brittney thinks she is the less thrifty of the family and Shane didn’t know what to make of her family being so cheap. The shower schedule was hard to get used to when they moved in, but they consider it more of a game. Ashley even grooms her dog herself to save money. Ashley made arrangements to take Shane and Brittney’s engagement photos at a property sale so it wouldn’t cost them anything. Brittney is embarrassed, all of her friends will ask her where she took her pictures. They find some really cool clothes, some dishes and Brittney is sort of with taking the photos there. In the end, Shane and Brittney both agree that the photos were better than expected.

The Tran family, golf is an expensive sport so Danny and Tran try to do whatever they can to save money. In total, they save about a thousand dollars a year, they catch up lost golf balls, and they do free trials. When golfing, they attach a string to the golf ball so that they don’t lose a ball. Rosanna’s motto for golf is that they come back with more balls than they come in. Rosanna brings long boots and goes into the water to find lost balls.

The contractor arrives at the Guiles house and Becky tells him about the wall she wants to remove. He tells her that it is a load-bearing wall and not a project that she can do on her own. She shows him her homemade sledgehammer, he tells her he’s creative, but it’s made of hollow bricks and is likely to break if she hits the ground. He gives her three to four thousand dollars to remove the wall. He says this is not a project where she should try to save money, it could end badly.

At the Watson house, Ashley is working on another DIY project, waxing. She made her own wax, which cost her $ 1 a month, and her mother waxes it for free.

The Clayton’s are out for lunch, Tony orders water and lemons and makes his own lemonade. Ciara wants friends, Tony agrees, as long as he does the shopping and controls everything.

Ashley prepares for her special night with Colby, she asks him if he’s still on board trying to have a child. He says he will be ready when they get there. She says she’s ready, maybe you should try it out.



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