Snapchat integrates YouTube sharing since it didn’t already have enough videos


Snapchat is temporary, but YouTube is forever

YouTube is a great place to find music, learn some DIY techniques, and explore new topics that you might find interesting. Snapchat is great for finding short, random videos littered with graphics straight from your most annoying friends’ MySpace profiles from 2003. Regardless of the cosmetic differences between the sites, both prioritize content discovery alongside social tools. Now Snapchatters can add new discoveries by sharing YouTube videos through Snap Camera.

In an announcement (via XDA), the company noted that sharing links to Stories and Snaps while still having access to Snapchat’s camera and creative tools will make it easier to share clips and videos without closing the app. YouTube stickers can also take Snapchatters to a video with a tap. Sharing a video with this new feature works as follows:

  • Open YouTube and find your video.
  • Tap Share and select Snapchat. This will open the camera’s user interface.
  • In the camera, you can create a snap with a YouTube sticker.
  • Your friends can tap the sticker, which will take them straight to the YouTube app or whatever browser you’re using.


This new feature opens up a whole world of possibilities for content sharing and could certainly increase viewership on both platforms. It could also expand the reach of brands and businesses as they learn how to best leverage the integration. For regular users, previewing and reacting to videos becomes much easier. Android users should already be able to access this feature if they have the latest version of Snapchat.

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