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With NBA 2K22Season 2 is about getting everyone together to play ball. Season 2 is all about doing serious business. After Michael Jordan and the historic three-peats of the Chicago Bulls, NBA 2K22 Season 2 challenges you to build your empire. There are definitely many things to be covered here and many ways you can build your empire right now. Here is ours NBA 2K22 Season 2 Build Your Empire guide where we have everything you need to know about the latest NBA 2K22 Season.

NBA 2K22 Season 2 Build Your Empire Start and End Date

Start date: October 22, 2021

Deadline: December 3, 2021

NBA 2K22 Season 2 – Build Your Empire Guide: MyCAREER

Whether you play in The City or The Neighborhood, this season is your chance to build your empire and establish a lasting legacy. The new season will introduce career-changing decisions, exciting exercises and practices, lucrative advertising deals, and the best competition in the world. Do you have what it takes to follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps and maybe even surpass him?

NBA 2K22 Season 2 MyCAREER Level 40 reward

Last season, the reward for reaching level 40 in MyCAREER is a lightning-fast go-kart. This season 2, players who reach level 40 will be given a skeleton mascot outfit. You can get this cool new outfit by completing quests that include brand new quests available this season.


One of the brand new quests in MyCAREER includes the new rebirth function. This gives players the option to jump to a total of 90 in The City or skip 10 already completed MyPOINTS levels in The Neighborhood. To get the Rebirth reward in The City you must first get the quest from ATM in the NBA Store and Club 2K. Then you need to play 10 3v3 or 10 2v2 City games with an OVR of 90 or higher. To get the Rebirth reward in The Neighborhood, all you need to do is complete 10 3v3 games once they get an OVR rating of 90.

When receiving the Rebirth Reward, players can choose between a normal low-level save file when creating a new MyPLAYER, or choose a Rebirth save file instead for a much stronger, more dominant MyPLAYER. Think of it as sort of a New Game + feature for NBA 2K22 My carreer.

It’s fall season in NBA 2K22

A new season is also coming during Build Your Empire, and we’ve included all of the new things you’ll see in The City and The Neighborhood here in our Build Your Empire guide. NBA 2K22 has several events planned in both The City and The Neighborhood. Events like the Mobil 1 Grand Prix, Ruffles 4-Point Ridge Tournament, Kia Challenge, and more will take place in Season 2 with various rewards. Particularly noteworthy is the Ruffles tournament, where the best MyPLAYER can win a trip to Cleaveland for the All-Star Weekend 2022, a gift card for the NBA store and an in-game go-kart.

Also check out the changing looks of The City and Cancha Del Mar. The Halloween season is all around us, with new makeovers showcasing the spooky season all over the place. Especially for The City, players will be spoiled with “The Long Night” on October 31st. We don’t want to spoil you much, but all day long, players can get trick-or-treat and banners, consumables and even VC. In Cancha Del Mar, players will find their goodies in decks 4, 15 and 16. In The City, players can try trick or treating in various houses.

Finally, Park After Dark comes later in Season 2! A new location will be revealed later this season for players to hop, mix, and play in the desert. New experiences will be available, from dunk competitions to shootouts.

NBA 2K22 Season 2 MyCAREER Level Rewards

And of course ours NBA 2K22 Season 2 Build Your Empire Guide won’t be complete without a comprehensive list of MyCAREER level rewards. Here you are:

  1. Pink Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt
  2. Build your basketball empire
  3. Advertisement for new players
  4. NBA Updates Series 1 Base League Pack
  5. New banner options
  6. NBA 75th Anniversary T-Shirt
  7. New green release animation
  8. Season 1 emotes
  9. 2XP coin
  10. White Build Your Empire t-shirt and medallion
  11. Gatorade boosts
  12. Season 2 emotes
  13. New banner options
  14. 2K breakthrough equipment
  15. Advertisement for new players
  16. Season 2 emotes
  17. 2XP coin
  18. MyTEAM basic set sapphire Michael Jordan
  19. New banner options
  20. Season 2 emotes
  21. Club 2K wizard hat
  22. Skill boosts
  23. 2K breakthrough equipment
  24. 2 MyTEAM promo packs and 3 tokens
  25. Season 2 emotes
  26. Improved daily rewards
  27. New banner options
  28. 2XP coin
  29. Build your empire cylinder
  30. Gold trike
  31. 2K breakthrough equipment
  32. 2XP coin
  33. Gatorade boosts
  34. New banner options
  35. PUMA LaMelo MB.01 shoe
  36. MyTEAM basic sets Amethyst Player
  37. Build your empire suit
  38. 2XP coin
  39. Extra badge point
  40. Skeleton mascot outfit

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NBA 2K22 Season 2 Build Your Empire: My TEAM

NBA 2K22 Season 2 Build Your Empire also brings a lot of new things to MyTEAM. From freebies to new quests and new rewards, there’s a lot to cover up. So we are moving towards one of the most important changes at MyTEAM without further ado.

Triple Threat Online: The 100 Changes for Season 2

Triple Threat Online: The 100 will no longer contribute to your 100 points if you win the game. This will make it easier to reach the highest reward tier in TTO. However, to balance things out, 2K also adjusted the number of balls you drop each time you win or lose in the TTO. These ball drops can now also be used to earn new event cards, so keep an eye on the price!

Unlimited mode changes for Season 2

Each stage in unlimited mode now has 16 games available. This means everyone has 16 games to complete the 12 wins required in the Galaxy Opal tier to win the Unlimited Player Reward Card. This gives players more wiggle room as the players still had to go 12-0 to win the card. In Season 2 Build Your Empire, players can win the Pink Diamond Gary Payton from Unlimited. In the showdown stage, players need 65 wins from 82 games, which gives players a whopping 15,000 XP!

New Season 2 Dominance Rewards: Trainer Cards

The Dominance Rewards have been updated for Season 2, with Pink diamond 95 OVR Amar’e Stoudemire Series headliners. A new domination track takes players through the 75 years of the NBA in 30 games and rewards players with the very first Player coach cards in my TEAM. These coach cards show players in their prime as special, unique coach cards that you can use to improve your line-up, such as Dennis Rodman, Bill Russell or Stephen Curry.

New The Exchange Rewards

There are also new Exchange Rewards with new recurring exchanges that can regenerate from time to time. Event exchanges will also be introduced in Build Your Empire.

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Season 2 Build Your Empire Level 40 Reward

Finally we get to the hot stuff. If you ground yourself to level 40 this season, you can Pink Diamond 96 OVERALL Kevin Garnett. In our opinion, this even surpasses last season’s award, the Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony. But no worry! There are plenty of great rewards along the way too, so the grind will reward anyone who tries, whether you hit level 40 or not.

  1. Onyx 95 OVR Free Agent Michael Jordan
  2. Slasher Badge Package
  3. 1 token
  4. Golden shoe package
  5. Ascent
  6. Base Package ’22 NBA: Series 1 Award
  7. Gold 78 OVR Ben McLemore
  8. 3 brands
  9. Post scorer badge package
  10. Season 2 ball
  11. Ascent
  12. Glass cleaner badge package
  13. Emerald 82 OVR Aaron Brooks
  14. Gold Shoe Boost Award Package
  15. Shot Creator Badge Pack
  16. 5 tokens
  17. Standard ’22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack
  18. Rim protection badge package
  19. Ascent
  20. Saphir 85 OVR James Posey
  21. Lockdown Defender Badge Pack
  22. Ascent
  23. Standard ’22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack
  24. Ruby 88 OVR Danny Ainge
  25. 10 tokens
  26. Ascent
  27. Sniper badge pack
  28. Amethyst 90 OVR Joe Barry Carroll
  29. Deluxe ’22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack
  30. Ascent
  31. Dunktober Deluxe Reward Package
  32. Diamond shoe package
  33. Diamond 92 OVR Adriant Dantley
  34. 30 tokens
  35. Diamond consumables package
  36. Ascent
  37. Diamond contract package
  38. Diamond Shoe Boost Package
  39. HOF badge option package
  40. Pink Diamond 96 OVERALL Kevin Garnett

Now that you are ready to play ball, can you build your empire? Check out all of our NBA 2K22 Instructions in our directory here.

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