Scott the Woz reveals secret aspects of his videos that fans can’t miss


Scott the Woz recently revealed a behind-the-scenes detail in his YouTube videos that has been haunting viewers ever since. Scott (full name Scott Wozniak) has built a massive online following thanks to his comedic yet serious YouTube videos that delve into niche topic after niche topic in video game history. The young creator has more than 1.74 million subscribers on YouTube, not counting the 287,000 who follow his behind-the-scenes channel, titled Scott’s Stash. He has a very distinct homemade style to his videos, which makes it seem like he’s been producing quality content in an intimate bedroom or home office. But there’s more to it than fans realize.

In an Aug. 8 tweet, Scott took to his Twitter account to show his viewers one of the little-known aspects of his production. For those unfamiliar with Scott’s deep dives, he’ll often go through a series of video game titles, consoles, peripherals, or memorabilia. These objects are often displayed on the carpet in his room. Well, it turns out the rug in question isn’t the actual rug on Scott’s floor.

Scott shared a video of his actual carpet filming setup with the caption: “This is how I film the carpet. I’m sorry.” The YouTuber showed a table that had a loose piece of carpet on it. Above it was a camera mount and several studio lights. Also on display was a stack of CD cases detailing how Scott films the scenes featuring items from his collection.

Fans couldn’t believe they had been fooled by the clever camera trick for who-knows-how-long and expressed their shock. Some remarks included, “It wasn’t real?”, “I feel lied to,” “My life is a lie what the heck” and “BIGGEST YOUTUBE SCANDAL DROPPED NOW!” Another person tweeted, “Bro walked off from recording on his carpet to creating a whole setup so he could record more professionally on his carpet.”

Fans interested in seeing the carpet-based optical illusion in action can check out Scott the Woz’s entire back catalog on his YouTube channel. His recent videos include discussions of dueling game releases, the use of 3-D in games, Mario Sports Superstars and games that have received upgrades from handheld systems to home consoles. Certain videos are also compiled into the TV show Scott the Woz on G4which can be seen at various times on G4 TV’s linear cable network or on streaming services such as Pluto TV.


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