Saunas, Nootropics, and More: These brain hacks are going to change your life


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Are you looking for ways to get more focus or more energy? Or do you want to stop stress so much? And maybe even prevent you from doing things that don’t serve you? Do you generally want to train your brain to perform at its best? If that’s a yes, then you need to listen to tonight’s show while Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Lizza Gebilagin chats with Alexis Fernandez.

Alexis is brain obsessed. She has a Masters in Neuroscience and loves talking about mindset hacks and brain health so much that she called a podcast on the subject. Has Do you mind? and hosts a podcast series from Samsung Galaxy called Rule Benders, in which she chats with guests who are setting new standards.

In this episode, Alexis delves into the science of why saunas are good for your brain, the benefits of nootropics, and how you can build your cognitive reserves. The cool thing is that their tips are simple and actionable, so you’re guaranteed to end this episode with things to start right away.

In this chat Alexis talks about:

– What the cognitive reserve actually is – and how to increase it.

– The benefits of sauna and exercise on brain health and how intermittent heat stress actually leads to the release of neurotransmitters.

– What you can do to improve your brain health and why you should be constantly trying to learn new things.

– The difference between good (acute) stress and negative stress and how these affect your brain.

Great tips from the chat:

– Try a new sport like rock climbing (or something you have no idea how to do) to help your brain keep working and developing

– Go to the sauna once a week or try a few workouts a week.

– Meditation is a great way to combat chronic stress: it increases activity in the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain that helps calm and calm down), and it also improves your sleep. Try to start with a one-minute guided meditation.

– Sleep is so important. Some great resources to download are Headspace, Sleep Stories, or just guided meditation on Youtube.

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