Royal experts believe Prince Andrew needs to “air his dirty laundry”.

Royal experts believe Prince Andrew needs to “air his dirty laundry”. Image: Twitter

Regardless of the outcome of his trial, experts believe Prince Andrew will end up uncovering his hidden secrets

Serious concerns are being reported among royal pundits over the upcoming sexual assault trial that Prince Andrew is preparing for. The Duke of York is involved in a lawsuit brought against him by Virginia Roberts, now Virginia Guiffre.

Experts have warned they believe win or lose the Duke will never be able to leave the case without “airing out every bit of dirty laundry” he’s been hiding.

This claim was brought up during an interview The sun, by Mitchell Epner, a New York-based attorney. Epner said he believed that regardless of the outcome of the trial, regardless of victory or defeat, Prince Andrew must divulge every little secret and every bit of truth he holds.

“If he goes to court, he will either lose by getting a judgment against him, or he will lose because it will be the pyrrhic victory of history because every single piece of dirty laundry he ever had will be aired publicly. ‘ Mr Epner was quoted as saying.

In the event Virginia Guiffre drops her own request for a jury trial, Prince Andrew has called for a jury trial “to be held on all causes of action alleged in the Complaint,” as reported by


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