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Vicki Clark has retired from a long career in education, but she’s still working hard on something she loves: quilting.

Clark started sewing at a young age and decided to start quilting in 2017 after retiring from Covington County Schools. She taught in Lockhart for three years before moving to Straughn Elementary School, where she stayed for 23 years. She mainly taught first grade but had a second grade from 1994-1995. “I like to sew and I like to work with my hands. I enjoy working on projects and have a product or souvenir when I’m done. I’ve been a dressmaker since I was a teenager and have long wanted to learn how to make quilts. Learning that skill was one of my retirement goals, ”she said.

She said it was a hobby and one that she is definitely proud of after teaching herself. “I love the creative process of taking colorful fabrics, then cutting them into basic shapes and creating beautiful new designs. I’ve always loved doing puzzles. It’s about the same, except when I’m done I don’t take it apart and put it back in a box. ”She makes traditional quilts and prefers the old designs and star patterns that are her favorite. “The Lord has done me and my family good. I commend Him for his love and compassion, “said Clark.

She studied online and has never really been with anyone who is a quilter. “Last July, I found a YouTube video called the Fat Quarter Shop that had weekly quilting tutorials. I started following that and trying out the lessons and blocks they were teaching weekly. I also found some other YouTube channels and designers to follow, ”she said. Clark’s favorite quilt is called Bee Patriotic and it is the last one she made. When asked why, she replied, “It was the first quilt I saw in the Fat Quarter Shop tutorial last July. I practiced and practiced and ended up brave enough to order the designer fabrics and patterns for the quilt. It’s from quilt designer Lori Holt from A Bee on My Bonnet Blog. “

Clark said her friends and family often ask about her creations. “I sometimes show them on my Instagram and Facebook pages.” She thanked her husband and family for their great support in quilting. “Whatever machine or tool I need, my husband is so cute and says to get it. He also helped me convert my son’s old bedroom into a sewing room. They’re all very encouraging and praising me. ”Clark also thanked her sisters-in-law and mother-in-law for giving her a 1952 singer featherweight machine. “It makes nice straight stitches and it’s so much fun to sew and sew blocks with it. The machine belonged to my husband’s great-aunt and had been bequeathed to her. They don’t sew often and when my husband mentioned we were looking for one they found one in a closet and I’ve been using it ever since, “she said.

At the moment she said she was still studying and was talking about quilting just for the joy of quilting. “I currently only quilt by machine and have a long way to go to learn free motion quilting. I’d also like to learn how to quilt by hand. ”Clark hopes to leave some souvenirs for her children and grandchildren. Your next project will be a quilt for a grandchild due in early November. “I retired because I wanted to keep my granddaughter Reagan and have this special time with her. She was almost 2 years old when I retired, but babies don’t hold up and she started kindergarten last school year. That’s when I started to discover the quilting hobby and I absolutely love it. “

She lives in Straughn Township with her husband, John Clark III. They have three children: Mandi Morris, John Clark IV and Justin. “I go to my sewing room to lose my mind and find my soul. I can forget about everything else and just sew and create and feel blessed, ”said Clark.

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