Reclaim your morning with these time-saving overnight breakfast hacks


What should I eat quickly for breakfast? Read on if you never want to ask yourself that question again.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, most of us are in too much of a hurry in the morning to cook breakfast—or do what we really want to do. Keep filling and delicious meals to go with these easy overnight breakfast ideas.

Overnight and slow cooker oatmeal

Overnight oats are usually made in mason jars and don’t need to be cooked. They sit in a liquid like water, almond or coconut milk overnight, and once the liquid is absorbed in the morning, it’s ready to eat! You can enjoy it chilled or reheated in the microwave, and it keeps in the fridge for up to five days – so go ahead and make a week’s worth.

  1. Check out these recipes from spruce eats to get great oat ideas.
  2. Cookie and Kate also share their favorite recipes.

Another way to have oatmeal ready in the morning is with your slow cooker. With this option, you can wake up to delicious aromas that will get you out of bed and help yourself to steaming oatmeal. Perfect for chilly mornings.

  1. Made life sweeter offers a mix of overnight oat and slow cooker recipes.
  2. The recipe rebel offers additional tips, like using slow cooker bags and freezing oatmeal cups — or even incorporating fruits (and veggies!) to add delicious flavor and vitamins! They also make suggestions for spices, sweeteners and nuts, chia seeds or yoghurt.

French toast

French toast casserole

Overnight french toast is a brilliant idea because you can just pop it in the oven first and have a delicious meal ready! Prepping the night before means less work and less cleanup in the morning. Plus, all the delicious flavors have plenty of time to penetrate the bread. Here are a few fun recipes to try:

  1. This Blueberry French Toast Casserole uses almond milk, honey and juicy blueberries to enhance flavor.
  2. If you’re craving fruit but don’t want blueberries, give it a try Apple French Toast Casserole.
  3. This French toast overnight has a secret ingredient – orange juice!
  4. Try it for a chocolaty treat Pillsbury Smores French Bread Recipe.

egg casseroles

egg casserole

Egg casseroles are another dish that can be made in the evening or over the weekend and then popped into the oven for a filling breakfast option. You can even freeze it in portioned pieces and put them in the fridge overnight for them to be thawed in the morning! Here are some fun recipes to try:

  1. Sausage or turkey chunks and hearty potatoes are an easy addition to your eggs, like here Healthy breakfast casserole.
  2. This farmers market Casserole is loaded with onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and your choice of cheese and protein.
  3. You can’t go wrong with smoked salmon, Dijon mustard and Gruyere cheese Elegant smoked salmon layers!
  4. Want a whole veg option? Try those Overnight spinach artichoke casserole.
  5. For an even easier option, you can throw everything in your slow cooker, like here Crockpot Egg Casserole overnight Recipe.

muffin pans

Egg Muffin Cup

Muffin tins provide an easy way to create custom-sized breakfast meals.

  1. Try these Baked Egg Cup ideas
  2. 19 make-ahead breakfast recipes you can make in a muffin pan
  3. Or this one Vegetarian breakfast bowls.

Breakfast burritos and enchiladas

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast burritos or enchiladas can be made in a casserole dish at night and reheated for a crowd in the morning. They can also be frozen individually and make a great on-the-go meal when you don’t have time to sit down to eat in the morning. Here are some recipes to try:

  1. Overnight Ham and Cheese Breakfast Enchiladas
  2. Slow cooker breakfast burritos
  3. Overnight Green Chili Burritos

Enjoy making your morning routine a little less hectic!

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