Readers are responding to a possible solution to the Jo Ann Hardesty Leak Case


December 13th City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty filed a $ 5 million lawsuit against the Portland Police Union, its former president, and another Portland Police officer (“Hour zero,” WW, Dec. 15, 2021). The lawsuit offers a possible answer to why Brian Hunzeker, president of the Portland Police Association, resigned from his position as union chairman on March 16. Hardesty claims he made the allegations The Oregonian and that he did so “in retaliation for the plaintiff’s years of opposition to racial discrimination” [Portland Police Bureau] and members of the PPA. ”This is what our readers say:

beerandloathingpdx, via Reddit: “You know, you watch movies like Serpico, Police country, american gangster… and you think man, the 70s and 80s were pretty mixed up.

“Then you see a story like this in Portland and you realize how dirty all police unions are. Eliminate qualified immunity, watch the pigs flee, start with people who can be held accountable for their actions. “

ex-pdxteacher, via “The Portland Police Department is using public funds to do a political hit job on someone they disagree with. Is there something ethical about that? Anything?”

Gymrat, over “Commenting on this situation by pointing out behavior on the part of Hardesty that you disagree with or even consider to be unethical is definitely ‘whataboutism’. She could be a terrible councilor (and some of you think so, of course) and that has NOTHING to do with this case. In this case, the question is whether it is okay for the police to publish unproven allegations based on a citizen’s report about her to the conservative press and The Oregonian. “

PC-LoadLetter, via Reddit: “I think she deserves a pretty reasonable severance payment based on her ordeal and the way she was treated. I also think she’s a poor councilor and I wish she’d step aside.

“These are not mutually exclusive ideals.”

Joshua Marquis, via “Reports of minor hit-and-runs are not state secrets. Disclosing a suspect is bad policy, but it’s hardly the main crime the author claims it is.

“This case will NEVER go to court. Instead, her intermittent friends on the city council will use it to clear their guilt (and a lot of taxpayers’ money) as a form of saying goodbye to a politician who is clearly not going to be re-elected. Where exactly was it damaged? “

Due-Personality2383, via Reddit: “That probably never would have happened if she hadn’t lied about the police lighting fires during protests in Portland. She admitted to lying. You have taken revenge. What they did was wrong. But she did too. Can we deploy a few adults across the board? “

Elliott Young, via Twitter: “Civil rights organizations have found that it is more effective to ruin white supremacist organizations through civil rather than criminal proceedings.

“@JoAnnPDX has the same strategy with the Portland Police Union.”

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