Peacemaker has revealed another DC hero’s dirty secret


In Season 1 of Peacemaker, John Cena’s Chris insulted the entire Justice League, while the finale then revealed another DC hero’s dark secret.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for peacemaker The season one finale, It’s Cow or Never, is streaming now on HBO Max.

Season 1 of peacemaker He found out that Chris hated the Justice League whenever he could and reiterated that he was even more obnoxious than he was in The Suicide Squad. He denigrated Batman early on in the series while also shooting at Superman and the Flash. He kept his cool towards Wonder Woman, although his words were still a bit sexist.

The biggest insult, however, came when he claimed Aquaman had sex with fish and paid Aquaman for intimate time backstage. It was really immature behavior as Peacemaker firmly believed these were secrets the world should know. Although these were unconfirmed rumours, there is a new dark secret that appears to be true affecting Green Arrow.

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Green Arrow reveals why superpowers would be wasted on him

The mystery was revealed when Peacemaker strategized with the team at Coverdale Farm and attempted to get a supersonic helmet into the warehouse where the butterflies had their “cow” (aka their food source). It has been suggested that they use an arrow to shoot a zip line over the fence, with Vigilante asking “Like Green Arrow?”

On cue, Peacemaker angrily replied, “No, not like Green Arrow. It went along with the nasty comments he’s made about heroes and vigilantes stemming from jealousy that the public sees him as an idiot on the HBO Max original series. However, his ARGUS colleague Economos gave him shocking support when Vigilante suggested it might be about breathing properly, and Adebayo thought Chris’ words were ridiculous. “No, I’ve actually heard that’s true about Green Arrow,” Economos claimed, “but that’s first things first [Peacemaker] said it’s real.”

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Given that Economos is a computer expert and data analyst in touch with rumors and debunking some of Chris’ unsubstantiated claims in the past, it’s a bombshell that he firmly believes is real. Granted, it’s not offensive to be a “brony” — aka a guy who likes My little Pony – or someone who stars as Twilight Sparkle from the popular children’s franchise.

Peacemaker, Economos and Vigilante eliminated the cult of the White Dragon

But Economos, who doesn’t show the masculine frailty or toxic qualities of Chris, seems a bit concerned about what Oliver Queen is doing in cosplay mode, suggesting it could be more kinky. It feels like a cosplay fetish that fans really wish Economos would provide evidence of after confidently confirming what Peacemaker said.

Granted, the boys have been busy with the upcoming Butterfly War, so maybe this could be expanded upon in Season 2. Black Canary is in line for her own HBO Max movie after her badass birds of prey Stopover, so hopefully the Emerald Archer shows up there to clear this up and clear his good name once and for all.

All eight episodes in Season 1 of peacemaker streaming now on HBO Max.

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