Organized crime created a big SVU meeting. But it was bad news for Stabler


Spoilers ahead for the March 17 episode Law & Order: Organized CrimeABC.

Law & Order: Organized CrimeThe team quickly sent Stabler undercover in the third arc of Season 2. They divide their attention between him and the Brotherhood gang led by Donnelly.Dennis LearyNova and Stabler in the 37th Precinct try to keep their identities as cops a secret from Marcy Killers. Stabler received some very bad news at the end of Guns & Roses on March 17, but there’s a bright side…to viewers, anyway. Big CSRReunion is possible OK!

Which Stabler was discovered in Guns & Roses

After Donnelly was killed and Stabler gained more credibility by keeping the illegal gun stash, he teamed up with Van Aller, a dirty cop who knew Donnelly’s deadly secrets. Van Aller decided to commit suicide at the end of the lesson rather than tell Stabler the truth and face the consequences. This brought Donnelly closer to Stabler. Unfortunately for Stabler, this meant hearing a story about his father that completely changed everything he thought he knew. Donnelly explained:

Your father was an interesting story that I grew up with. Your father and his partner are right? They clean the house without a warrant, and they get mugged by this hotheaded kid who’s unarmed, right? So your father’s partner haunts, shoots the kid. Dead. gold right? Well, that’s a serious mistake. They have to appear to justify the shooting. Her father then searches the house for a gun and has his partner, Joe, shoot him in the leg. This makes it look like Joe is defending Joe. wanna talk cojones Joe Stabler received a Combat Cross for taking that bullet.

Thankfully, Donnelly wasn’t too busy thinking about Stabler and what they are like. “just like our fathers” with “loyalty” and “brotherhood” reading the room and seeing the utter shock and despair on Stabler’s face. His final scene in the episode was sitting at his desk on the 37th, holding his father’s battle cross and reflecting on what he had just learned, until his new boss came over to complain about that he couldn’t fire him and return his gun. Stabler was visibly shaken and is reunited with his former boss. CSRStar: Then Florek plays Donald Cragen.

Cragen is essential for stable masters

Messages Then Florek will come to Organised crimeHe actually broke up last week and his reunion with Stabler is in the same season as him returned to CSRFor a cameo in the 500th episode. The original news revealed that Stabler was heading to Cragen for answers after Donnelly’s stories about his father didn’t match what he thought he knew, but it wasn’t until Guns & Roses fans learned how awful that was It was history that drove Stabler to Cragen.

It’s not yet clear what Cragen has to tell him about Joe Stabler, but it makes sense that Stabler would go to his old boss for answers. Cragen is retired, so he doesn’t have to do politics with the NYPD, and Stabler has no reason not to trust him or the stories from back then. Cragen appears in the promo for the next episode.

It appears that Stabler visits Cragen in private rather than in any official capacity, which presumably means Stabler doesn’t want to smear his father’s good name without confirming Donnelly’s story that Joe Stabler was dirty. Still, the stakes are high since the Brotherhood gang operates out of the NYPD, so it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen next CSR Reunion.

There have been many episodes with one CSRMariska Hargitay played Captain Benson in the first part. If a relationship between her ex-partner and her could work.. Unfortunately, this means fans will have to wait several weeks to see the new design. CSR Reunion with Dann Floreks Cragen has in stock, as Organised crimeAs well as CSRThe original law & orderIt will be on hiatus after its recent Britney Spears-esque history ABCJusqu’au April 7th

You can now see what OK Star Nona Parker Johnson As the plot thickens, we had to talk about the dangers that awaited us, as well as the importance of Nova’s relationship with Bell. Check out our for some viewing options while you wait for the show to return. TV program 2022.


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