Nitra has a new bridge. Can it be the city’s next landmark?


The investment in the Kalvársky cycling bridge reaches 1.4 million euros.

It is a landmark of a new city, the mayor of Nitra, Marek Hattas, said a few weeks ago about the Kalvársky Bridge that crosses the Nitra River, the SITA news agency reported.

The bridge, which cyclists have been using for more than a month, is 49 meters long and 4 meters wide and offers two cycle paths, the city continued Facebook. It is connected with an 800 meter long new cycle path from the university bridge to the Selenec brook.

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The name of the bridge was chosen by the residents of Nitra in an internet poll in April and refers to the local Calvary Hill.

Hope no and Wilson

One of the suggestions was naming the landmark of the Bridge of Hope in relation to the pandemic. Others voted for Wilson’s Bridge, as the bridge connects two waterfront promenades, one of which is named after former US President Woodrow Wilson (the Wilson Waterfront).

What people found most appealing, however, was the reference to the hill. In the end, the proposal received more than 2,000 votes.

The construction of the bridge cost just under 1.4 million euros.

More bike paths will follow

Nitra will pay more attention to the expansion of the infrastructure not only for pedestrians, but also for cyclists, said Hattas.

“We build cycle paths not only for recreational purposes, but also for commuting,” he added for SITA.

Several projects are underway, he continued, noting that they are part of a strategic plan that sets out what type of bike lanes will follow.

“If we want as many people as possible to ride bikes, we need a safe infrastructure,” SITA quoted Hattas as saying.

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