My grandma’s trick keeps laundry smelling fresh and clean for weeks and it’s super easy


LOVE the smell of fresh laundry but hate how quickly it goes?

One woman shared her grandmother’s tried-and-true trick on how to do laundry chores for the last time.


Anna Lanier shared her fresh laundry hack, passed down to her by her grandmaCredit: TikTok/annalanier2

Anna Lanier is a digital content creator with over 387,000 followers on TikTok.

She often shares original videos on simple life hacks.

She took to TikTok to reveal her grandmother’s laundry hack that makes clothes scented.

“My grandma knew what was going on,” Lanier said.

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Lanier was shown cutting splinters from a bar of soap and placing the shavings in her dresser drawer.

“She used to shave soap because it brings out the smell,” she revealed. “Put it in my dresser and put my clothes in it.”

She placed freshly washed and dried clothes on the dresser with the soap shavings at the bottom.

“They smelled fresh and clean,” she added.

Nostalgic fans shared their memories with their elders in the comments section.

“My mom put Dove soap in our drawers,” one wrote. “I put dryer sheets in mine now.”

“I love both ideas,” Lanier replied.

“My mom does this,” shared another. “But she only opens the soap box.”

“Shaving takes it further,” Lanier advised.

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Others shared a reason other than the scent to put shaving soap in the drawers.

“Yes you would need to keep moths away,” shared another. “They were handy then.”

She shaved a bar of soap


She shaved a bar of soap
She placed the soap shavings on the bottom of her drawer


She placed the soap shavings on the bottom of her drawer

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