Mum creates a ‘dinosaur room’ for £60 with bargains from B&M, Wilko, B&Q and Poundland


A mother turned her children’s bedroom into a dinosaur paradise.

Dione White, 24, a mother of two from Great Yarmouth, wanted to set up a dinosaur room for her two sons but didn’t want to spend a fortune.

To keep costs down, Dione bought materials from B&Q, Poundland, B&M and Wilko and built the cladding himself. The total cost of the refurbishment was less than £60.

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As reported by, Dione told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: “I came up with the idea using Pinterest and sketched out my vision before moving on to decorating.

“For the paneling, I watched YouTube tutorials and then first drew plans and measured the wall to determine my placement and make sure I had even gaps between the panels. I then drew guides on the walls to get the placement right.

Dione created the wood paneling himself.

“I used half a B&Q MDF board, cut into 10cm strips free of charge at the store, and their own brand of glue to glue the boards to the walls. After drying I caulked and filled all the gaps.

“I used Johnstone’s amphibious green for the fairing and the dinosaur decals are from Wilko and are very realistic and of good quality. I chose wall decals so they would be easy to remove and change as my boys get older.”

The bedroom before the transformation.
The bedroom before the transformation.

Dione chose a simple color scheme of white and green. She explained: “I always recommend white bed linen as it creates a hotel atmosphere. I also added some artificial grass to the top of the dresser and it created such a cool effect and a nice little place for my boys to role play with their dinosaur toys.

“I manage to do everything on a small budget and I’m always looking around to make sure I’m getting the best deals. For the main wall, B&Q 6mm MDF board cost £14.20.

“The putty and caulk are £1 each from Poundland. I bought the glue from B&Q for £2.15 each and the paint from B&M for £13. The dinosaur stickers are £25 for a pack of 80 from Wilko.”

Overall the makeover including the fairing cost just £58.50. Dione said: “I feature all my budget DIY tips on my Instagram @dioneshomelife. I always make sure to do things in small increments to make sure my health isn’t impacted too much as I have ME and Fibromyalgia.

Dione created the Dinosaur Room for less than £60.
Dione created the Dinosaur Room for less than £60.

“I take pride in making my rented house a home for my family and try to make the best of what we have. I am refurbishing all my rooms on a tight budget and normally never spend more than £50 per room.

“I look for the best deals and do everything myself. I see all these beautiful houses on social media and I’ve always wanted this, so I found a way to recreate expensive looks at a fraction of the cost!”

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