Mommy’s £ 1 heatwave hack stops chafing in scorching weather


The heat wave can be a real pain for many of us, including sweating and chafing all the time.

And we’re all looking for ways to make our lives easier by having lots of people sharing life hacks to make sure the heatwave doesn’t get to us.

With temperatures reaching 30 ° C in Birmingham, chafing can be a real pain, but a woman thinks she knows how to fix and prevent it.

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The Cleaver Life Hack is only £ 1 and everyone seems to be loving it.

The trick was posted by Erin on her TikTok @mumlifewitherin, where she regularly shares tips and tricks for millennial moms.

Then she shows the two products she uses to stop the chafing – the first is liquid talc, bought from ASDA’s Little Angels baby series, which she uses to soothe her thighs.

She said, “I think it’s 97p”, online the product is listed at £ 1.20 so it’s still a bargain.

Then Erin shows the next product – the Lush Silky Underwear powder.

Erin said, “You take a little bit of it (the liquid talc) and rub it down to the … bits on both thighs.

“Then you get this (Lush Silky Underwear) and put it on top.

Erin also suggests putting the liquid talc in your pocket when you’re out for the day so you can refill it.

She then jokes: “Best combination! Asda and Lush too, if you want to send them to me, that’s fine.”

Since its release, the video has garnered more than 70,000 likes and hundreds of likes from users who were grateful for the tip.

One person said, “Theseeeeee are the kind of life hacks I’m here for! THANK YOU.”

Another wrote: “Okay, but can everyone promise to consume responsibly so that we don’t have a national deficiency in the summer?” Erin agreed and wrote, “YES PLEASE !!!!!! If you are making a bulk purchase, you are doing it because you are buying for friends / family, not because you are the doorman !!”

A third tagged his friend and said, “Put this in your shopping cart.”

Someone else asked, “Is the lush part essential? I can’t afford that luxury.”

Erin replied that regular talcum powder would work as well as it set liquid talcum powder.

Other users quickly shared their own suggestions, such as wearing cycling shorts under clothing and spraying deodorant on the areas.

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