Mom calls TikTok ‘a dark and evil place’ no teen should use


A mum has slammed social media platform TikTok, calling it “a dark and evil place”.

Write to Mumsnetthe woman said “no teenager” should ever use the application and claimed someone made a video of one of her children, which she reported.

“What nasty little shit kids can be,” she continued. “Keep your children away from it, for their safety and sanity and that of others.”

“My kids aren’t with me, but I’m genuinely shocked at how obnoxious children are to each other. Please please stop with your children.”

Some commentators disagreed with her assessment. “TikTok is no worse than any other social media platform, no need to get so hysterical,” said one. “Just do the usual online risk assessments and you’ll be fine.”

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Another wrote: “I’m in and all I get are silly animal videos, body positive posts and life hacks. It’s a nice pick-me-up for lazy Facebook.”

But others agreed. One said: “I agree… although you get a bunch of people wanting to tear you to pieces. At best, it’s moronic, brain-wracking gibberish—stupid culture for stupid minds. At worst, it’s a toxic, brain-wash pit.”

And another added: “There are many despicable things on the internet. I feel sorry for this generation.”

indy100 contacted TikTok to comment on this story.

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