Miranda Devine Responds To Hunter Biden’s Probe Reaching ‘Critical Period’


Listen to the full interview below:

Miranda Devine, NY Post columnist, Fox News contributor and author of Laptop from Hell, Hunter Biden, Big Tech and the dirty secrets the President was trying to hide joined the Guy Benson Show in response to Hunter Biden investigations into his overseas operations and possible tax fraud has reached a “critical stage”.

Responding to the latest developments in the Hunter investigation, Devine said:

“I think the slightly worrying aspect of this is that the grand jury was very active last summer, a lot of people came to testify and then they closed up shop. I was told just last month that they may have had to reopen to bring back a few more witnesses with conflicting testimonies. But I mean what are you waiting for? And the problem is, you know, there’s kind of an unwritten law that you don’t have grand juries and that when you’re in court you just shut down and certainly don’t press charges if you’re in the shadow of an election campaign if it affects him politically. If it’s a political investigation and we’re up to a few weeks away from it, it’s 90 days to the midterms. And you know, a month later it’s 60 days. So whether the grand jury at David Weiss, the US Attorney in Delaware, is going slow to get through the midterms or not. That would be an inappropriate question. And he always seems to have behaved with great decency. But again, he suspended operations surrounding the 2020 presidential election in this investigation so as not to influence it. And maybe they’re just not ready to come forward with possible charges. In the next two weeks or in the next.”


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