Married at First Sight UK 2022 LATEST: Fans are furious over Gemma’s latest ‘vulgar’ comments about her new husband Matt


New bride unfazed by wedding suite

Sophie Brown said the episode, which aired last week, was “completely different” from reality.

She told her social media followers that she didn’t like the way the show portrayed her.

The bride-to-be posted a statement on her Instagram Stories, which read: “You can imagine my surprise as I sat down to watch MAFS with my friends and family and a very different wedding day was shown!!

“Well, that’s what it felt like… We chatted for about an hour, getting to know each other while taking pictures and an Instagram comment was made.

“I’ve been talking about where I live and city life in Manchester and there’s a lot of guys there who are Instagram/influencer guys and it’s not the type of guy I’m interested in so that’s totally it different than what was shown, it’s the opposite of what I was looking for!

“By the time materialism was said you could play bingo and while I like pretty things I haven’t bought a ‘designer’ bag in about a year and a half and most of the money goes towards groceries.

“Conveniently, all of the sane bits have been excised from my backstory.

“I really don’t care what someone’s job is, I’m just attracted to drive and ambition.”


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