Man splitting mince to eat Oreos with milk using a fork


TikTok videos featuring various hacks have always attracted a lot of attention on the platform. Many of them offer food hacks, e.g. B. how to get a bean and cheese burrito chipotle for $2 or how to get free food from MC Donalds apartment In a viral TikTok, a man joins the slew of “food life hacks” by demonstrating the best way to eat Oreos where there’s no mess.

Popular TikTok account @actuallifehack typically posts content about easy ways to get things done for its 164,000 followers. In this video he shows how to eat Oreos with a fork. The nine-second clip features a load of Oreos and a glass of milk on a kitchen counter.

“Actual life hack, Oreos are meant to be eaten with a fork,” says the creator in the video, before taking a fork and sticking it in the cream of an Oreos. He picks it up and dips it in the milk before chewing it.

@actuallifehack #Fork #oreo #fyp #actuallifehack #to you #forYourPage ♬ Original Sound – ActualLifeHack

The video has been viewed over 689,000 times since it was posted on September 28, with viewers @actuallifehack agreeing and claiming to have done so.

“I thought I was the only one,” wrote one viewer.

“Where have you been??” asked a second.

“Wait a minute.. Humans don’t do that naturally?!?! I used to eat them like this,” said another.

Others criticized @actuallifehack for not soaking the Oreo in milk long enough.

“Why don’t you let it suck up more milk? Might as well just eat the biscuit and then take a sip,” criticized one.

“Not submerged long enough… still hearing a crunch,” pointed out a second.

“Oh no you have to soak the boi until it falls apart and you have to gulp the milk to get the fallen piece to the bottom of the cup,” wrote a third.

“You didn’t even soak it,” condemned another.

There were other people sharing how they eat Oreos.

“I mean I just throw them in a bowl like cereal and go to town but I mean if you’ve worked out by then I think that’s a good start,” one person shared.

“Then there’s me using chopsticks,” said a second.

“Or with a spoon either way, better with a spoon,” commented a third.

“Butter knife is what Gramps taught me,” said another.

The Daily Dot reached out to @actuallifehack for comment via TikTok comment.


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*First published: 10/22/2022 12:42 PM CDT

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